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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Walkabout (1:53)


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  • such a jam
  • they should play it with josh
  • <3
  • under-rated album!
  • So much Brasil in this song. I love it.
  • gosh i love this weird song!
  • one of their best songs
  • One of the few songs where the Flea-Navarro combo actually worked almost as well as the Fru-Flea one. (2)
  • Who the hell said Dave Navarro didn't contribute anything good to the Peppers? -_-
  • deliciosa
  • jorge ben [2]
  • Just bought this album, so awesome <3
  • grooviest song by RHCP. and so freaking feel-good esp. when on the move outdoors .. it makes me forward-looking
  • The best on OHM.
  • Get groovy on that (b)ass.
  • This song makes me smile. In public. Especially when I'm walking.
  • you can do the unknown
  • jorge ben
  • Anthony's voice is soo great ;d
  • Starsky & Hutch
  • flea.
  • One of the few songs where the Flea-Navarro combo actually worked almost as well as the Fru-Flea one. Makes you wonder why it didn't work out for the majority of the rest of the album.
  • hella sick, groovy shit
  • cool wah-wah, and bass. wow
  • this song is absolutely amazing!
  • when i hear it i see anthony walking down the street wearing glasses and some 70ish outfit hahah
  • So classic and generic genious song
  • So simple and so true, this song :) /@alexrobins91 @mayra_coldplay Yeah, indeed. Pronunciation: Cuíca [koo-ee-kah].
  • One of their best.
  • @alexrobins91 - that's a cuíca
  • "bossa nova" =]
  • i agree with some of the previous comments
  • what is the name of the Brasilian instrument used in this song?
  • Quite possibly the most tasty piece of funk the peps have ever laid out, and I love that psychedelic wailing guitar in the outro.
  • amazing amazing song... older chili peppers was same great funky stuff
  • woow this is the best rhcp song ive ever heard
  • Navarro was quite something :p
  • Best RHCP? With Californication, I think.
  • Underrated!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm a big fan of Frusci and so on but I have to admit that Navarro wasn't bad at all. Actually this and Tearjerker are two of my all time RHCP favorites.
  • Haha, this song is almost too good...
  • so awesome
  • I believe the Aborigine...
  • I just love this song.
  • Very good track!
  • under rated track. their best.
  • Yeah this song fucking owns.
  • this song is so chill and awesome XD i love it XDD <3.
  • i love this song. i really do.
  • Just me and my own two feet In the heat I've got myself to meet What a groove. One of the songs that truly complements the lyrics.

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