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  • i very quickly changed my mind about this record, it's excellent. can't wait to see them tonight <3
  • Schweet new tunes guys. Favs are CoC, Abrasive, PoB, and Rome. And yeah: Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • There's some good stuff on here but it does sound a little sterile overall. It's got the groove but it doesn't make me want to punch the air in total joy like Wildcat does. The style is very much true to the Classics era stuff but there doesn't seem to be as much raw emotion behind it. Still, I'd be a lot more inclined to come back to this than LP4, which was just an unnecessary rehash of LP3. Hoping this will grow on me some more.
  • It's an opinion, deal with it.
  • New album is FABULOUS! So much more feeling in the guitars its amazing! ~<333 Ratatat!
  • its good! shut up!
  • @Tahula, me neither. It's not that bad, but also not the style I used to like so much. It doesn't feel like them for me.
  • I don't like the new album. Sorry not sorry.
  • Awesome album, Supreme + Rome = perfection.
  • Love the new album. Very groovy.
  • Finally got around to listening to Magnifique, when I was properly in the mood. What an album!
  • 'Magnifique' - polska recenzja: (po usunięciu spacji w linku)
  • yeah! :)
  • They peaked on LP3
  • This album has so been worth the wait! It truly is Magnifique!
  • Альбом новый вещь
  • This track is not on the new album
  • @XDRory This album sounds really back-to-roots imo. I get a huge selftitled vibe from this (and that's my least favourite album by them) Let's see what the 2nd listen brings out to me, maybe it's a grower.
  • @Tahula Haha, I thought it was a bit more mature as well. The you hear them laughing in between songs and that argument sort of falls apart. I think it just flows really well.
  • First, listen to LP4. Than listen to Magnifique. I don't hear any of that childish vibrant sound of LP4 on it. It sounds too wise for me...
  • I think it's their best for quite some time
  • The new album is really good. Definitely playing this on repeat. One of the best albums of 2015.
  • new new aaaaaa great!
  • well worth the 5 year wait
  • Magnifique...One of those new albums that I instantly loved on first listen. Beautiful album!
  • If only Magnifique got the same amount of attention Currents is getting
  • Leaked.
  • Why is no one posting about Intro or Abrasive? [2] I don't know they are good.
  • I've been WAITING for about seveteen years okay? [5]
  • Not sure, I have been absolutely amazed by it as well.
  • Why is no one posting about Intro or Abrasive?
  • I've been WAITING for about seveteen years okay? [4]
  • One!
  • What an amazing show at Primavera.
  • remember ratatat
  • I've been WAITING for about seveteen years okay? [3]
  • XDRory confirmed to be Jesus
  • ok album announcement time please folks
  • really love the progression from classics to all the way to cream on chrome. kinda weird that i'm at the age where i'm growing in musical tastes with some of my favorites tho lol
  • Wasn't much into Ratatat. Then they did Cream on Chrome.
  • If ya into this, check out RJD2's new collab album with STS -- STSxRJD2
  • awesome )
  • Just Great
  • I've been WAITING for about seveteen years okay? [2] Ha
  • Sweet Christ they have come again


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