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Randy Newman (* 28. November 1943 in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, als Randall Stuart Newman) ist ein US-amerikanischer Sänger, Pianist und Komponist.

Randy Newman wurde in eine musikalische Familie geboren, seine drei Onkel Alfred Newman, Emil Newman und Lionel Newman waren bekannte Komponisten von Filmmusik und auch sein Vater, der Mediziner Irving Newman, war hobbymäßiger Songwriter.

Newman wuchs in New Orleans, Louisiana -…

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  • randy, jim simon here turnin' 60 i think its time for meez to gettin' to work ! work bein' a four letter word mono-sylabic and f ### bein' a four letter word . . . if this here trailer is rockin' don't cum knockin' a man gotta do what a man knows
  • 12 Songs, Sail Away and Gool Old Boys are all some of the best albums of all time!
  • I hope you'll check out my version of Randy's brilliant song, Feels Like Home. It's produced by Gary Katz of Steely Dan renown. I hope you like it, I feel honored to have recorded it.
  • >not the grind band
  • Really good, tastefull music.
  • oh man the Achievement Hunter impersonations of Randy :)
  • No, it's because they think that the song has so much attention that it draws away from the rest of the artist's work. There's nothing especially edgy about thinking Randy Newman's an incredible songwriter and being sad that so few people venture beyond his most popular song.
  • Why do people always say an artist's most popular or well-known song is their worst? Do you people get 'cool points' for doing this or something? Often if a person has a song that is more well-known than their other songs it's because it's better than the rest of their music. People do love to be edgy, special little snowflakes, don't they?
  • hi :)
  • “What I wanted, more than money or sales or fame, was praise, and now that I've got it, it seems I'm worried that I won't get it again.” - In 1974, Randy Newman was on the brink of quitting the music industry and returning to his 9 to 5. That same year, Newman revealed all of his songwriting demons in an exhilarating one hour confessional with Bruce Pollock:

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