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  • Лучший
  • Старикелло норм!
  • raja is the man<3
  • перекрытый дед по ходу дела))
  • The coolest pensioner on the planet!
  • Anjuna Beach ;)
  • :)
  • Hola Amigo! you are defenitly my Psychedelic Hero of this Generation! You´re Music let my Mind Turn on, Tune in and Drop out :-) You RULE!!!!!!!
  • :))))))))))))))))
  • coolest old man ever.
  • That man is badass
  • Crazy old man. Perfection.
  • "Entuzjasta stosowania substancji zmieniających stan świadomości." Entuzjasta, hehe ;)
  • este vato es la eminencia no mames es un dioss saludos chaoo
  • [url=]Raja Ram Fans[/url] For those who love Raja Ram and his style: Fell free to join the union of consciousness and love ;)
  • This guy is awesome!
  • ahhh raja... the biggest legend ever? possibly... Do you people know his real name? Ronald Rothfield!
  • i wanna touch his mustache,
  • Why is he so cool?
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • ven a la cuida de mex e ignora la putUO goberno con su pinNche influenza vamos a festejar los twwo dias
  • ---no words 4 him...
  • i saw him!!! awesome!!!!!
  • He is a musical genius :3
  • Pretty awesome dude... My best mate keeps 'accidentally' running into him at doofs and having a good chat and so on. I hear he is lovely. The music is pretty rockin' too!
  • Raja Ram is magical
  • fuck! I love to this man
  • oh and i can't find The Evolution of Expanded Consciousness anywhere, could someone forward me a copy?
  • the godfather album is an amazing mix
  • just to clear up any confusion raja ram is the founder of tip records based in london. he and simon posford make up spongle, he appears as a solo dj under raja ram and he is also one four memebers of 1200mics. he often plays 1200mics songs in his sets (which fucking rock). I hope this clears things up a bit
  • number one.the moust faboules dj in world
  • hoooraaay! =)
  • I ADORE this dude right here.
  • I agree.
  • Absolutely gifted person..

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