• 4 Night Dream Festival

    5. Jul. 2010, 16:32 von dxdark

    Inspired by Triple J's recent "Impossible Music Festival" it got me thinking about what bands I'd love in one festival. So, due to the recent holidays and my sleeping patterns being thrown out of wack due to the World Cup, I set myself the task of plotting a festival that no one else might enjoy, but I damn well would. The set up goes like this:
    Warm Up Act - 4 songs
    Opener - 6 songs
    Main - 10 songs
    After Party - 6 songs
    Some of the line ups ran to a lot shorter time wise than others, in which case I gave the After Party band 2 extra songs (and I gave the after party band on the last night an extra song because I could). The nights should try and follow a similar theme, so no acoustic country band following a death metal one.

    Feel free to give it a shot yourself, of just leave me abuse for my choices.

    First Night
    Warm Up
    Dead Letter Circus
    >Here We Divide
    >The Space on the Wall
    >This Is The Warning

    Metallica, accompanied by Symphony Orchestra (see S&M)
  • Революция в Лондоне

    8. Jun. 2010, 9:44 von El_Pachito

    Вс 6 Июн – Rage Against the Machine, Gogol Bordello, Roots Manuva, Gallows, South Central, L'Amour La Morgue
    Посетил я данное мероприятие под скромным названием:
    "Rage Factor"
    В далеком 1991 году, когда я начал слушать Rage Against the Machine я даже близко не мог представить, что я сорву нафиг свой голос на их концерте.. И уж тем более не представлялось мне, что я попаду на их концерт как в знаменитой картине Эзенштейна "Октябрь".
    Билеты на концерт распространялись бесплатно, через фан-клуб. Я в нём состою, но где то что то недоперепонял и вовремя не заказал или не туда пришли билеты.. не знаю...
    Перекупить билеты было невозможно, так как они были не просто именные, но и с фотографией владельца.
    Была даже предпринята попытка попасть на концерт как радио-DJ через Gogol Bordello, но Женя Гудзь даже через общих знакомых не вышел на связь..
    Оставалось одно - приехать в Finsbury park и хотя бы послушать из за забора, что и как отыграют "RATM"..
  • Top 5 albums...

    26. Jan. 2010, 16:19 von Woody1312

    When just milling around the flat one evening, avoiding doing any revision for exams again, I realised that it had been a long long time since I last got any new music to speak of. In an attempt to broaden my horizons, I suggested to my 2 flatmates that we each select our favourite 5 albums of all time and send them in each others direction. Sounded simple enough. It wasn't. Selecting my 5 albums has been tough and I know my 2 flatmates have also struggled to wittle it down from the countless albums they own to a mere 5.

    Before revealing the 5 I chose, it is important to make a few points.

    Firstly, there is a distinct lack of any albums from before 1980. This goes way back but was essentially due to the fact I grew up listening to my dads music; ACDC, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones e.t.c. Whilst these artists would undoubtedly feature on any list of all time top albums, I view these as my dads music and not music I had discovered myself. All 5 albums I have chosen were downloaded by myself having no prior knowledge of them.
  • Yeah!

    9. Dez. 2009, 21:09 von hipoceronte

    Yeah! es el mantra del rock, la palabra que nace desde las profundidades de un rockero para expresar el espíritu de esta música.

    En nuestro afán robgordoniano de hacer listas, hemos elegido los que son, para nosotros, los mejores Yeahs! del rock. En el proceso se aceptaron yeahs, oh yeahs, yeaiii, yeah yeah yeah yeah… pero no se aceptaron woooooaaaa, aaaahh, babyyyy, uuuuuhhhh, youuu, yaaaaa y otros derivados. De todas formas algunos yeah pudieron haber quedado fuera de esta lista por lo que los invitamos a opinar y sumar más yeaaaaahs.
    Aquí van:

    15 - Black Dog - Led Zepelin
    Robert Plant hizo toda clase de gritos rockeros, por lo que obviamente no podía faltar por ahí un “oh yeah”. Del 4º album del año 1971. Minuto 0:55, entre otros.

    14 - Song 2 - Blur
    Para finalizar esta potente canción, Blur repite insistentemente yeah yeah!, para luego terminar con un agotado “ooh yeah”. Del disco homónimo del año 1997. Minuto 1:45 en adelante

    13 - Vertigo - U2
  • Friday Twenty: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.04b: 60 to 41

    20. Nov. 2009, 14:47 von amodelofcontrol

  • Ultimate Basslines List

    16. Aug. 2009, 3:24 von pessimystica

    For about the past 30 years in alternative rock, new-wave, post-punk, goth rock, grunge, indie, & other similar genres, the following are many of my personal favorite basslines to play along to. I have included songs that helped me learn how to play the bass (in the mid 90s), songs that i personally tabbed out for myself & an online page I had up for many years (RIP, Geocities - message me if you want the tab for the linked tracks &/or with the play icon), & songs i keep coming back to to either play along or just enjoy the bass blasting thru my speakers. Sure, there could be many more, but these are specifically ones that I can play & have listened to constantly... so they are, for the most part, not exceedingly difficult, but many are very fun! I even left some of the easy ones for variety... so hopefully anyone who sees this, particularly those that play bass guitar, will find some that they enjoy as much as i have :) Also, feel free to post any of your personal favorites below that could fit this list. …
  • Akrep Beyinliler!!

    5. Jun. 2009, 14:36 von zupperstar

    O ufacık beyinlerinde gerçekle yalanı,iyiyle kötüyü ayırt edemeyen hiçbir düşüncesini soğan zarı kadar filtreden geçiremeyen pislik zihniyetler..Birbiriyle tartışıp arkasından iş çeviren ama birbirine patlayamayan zavallılar.Farkedilmediğini zannedip insanın kuyusunu kazmaya çabalayanlar,göz var nizam var mantığını kavrayamayan debiller.Nedeni ve sonucu sorgulamadan peşin hüküm yapanlar..Bağnazlıktan uzaklaşamayan maymun iştahlı ne istediğini bilmezler,ironilere konu olan hipofiz bezini beyin sananlar.En yakınına bile neden güvenmediğinin birebir kanıtı olan yığınla sebepler.
    Kısacası defolup gitmem için geri sayım yapan son 12gün sabret bünye,sabret ergen zihniyet!!Bu öfkeyle kendini sokup zehirlemeyesin dersen duygusal davrananın kazanma şansı yoktur demeliyim sana.anlıyacağın son derece ''fifi'' olan ama dönüşü olacak hareketler bunlar..Bursadan uzaklaşmamı sağlayan bu saçma sebepler.Bakalım pazartesi gidince neler olucak..
    anger is a gift..
  • 5 Bands I wish would reunite

    24. Feb. 2009, 11:06 von oddworldinc

    We've all gone through the loss, the suffering, the suffering of knowing you're never going to hear another new song from the band you thought was going to be around forever!! What a big slap in the face, especially to those who just found out about a band, only to hear from someone that they broke up 5 years ago, ouch.
    In no specific order, here's my personal list on Bands that need to reunite and make my life complete again.

    1) The Distillers
    The Distillers just broke up in 2006, but the thought of not hearing Brody Dalle's pissed off lyrics screaming into my ears two minutes at a time, just depresses the hell out of me. I mean, sure she's got her new band Spinnerette with fellow Distillers band mate Tony Bevilacqua. But like many others would say, It's just not the same. Brody's not pissed, and the screaming is gone. On the plus side, this band seems to be very promising, their first two singles Ghetto Love and Valium Knights are pretty good…
  • Song recommendations for me

    9. Jan. 2009, 19:24 von sueseas

    This song recommendation thing is pretty interesting. Based on the songs you like, it recommends songs you haven't listened to.

    Recommended Songs (sorted by most recommended songs)

    Dragula : Rob Zombie (Score = 177.25)
    Superbeast : Rob Zombie (Score = 170.51)
    Cold : Static-X (Score = 160.52)
    More Human Than Human : White Zombie (Score = 152.02)
    Opticon : Orgy (Score = 132.41)
    Creature Of The Wheel : White Zombie (Score = 129.99)
    Elite : Deftones (Score = 111.95)
    I Predict a Riot : Kaiser Chiefs (Score = 100.84)
    Jesus Built My Hotrod : Ministry (Score = 98.03)
    It's For You : Out Hud (Score = 97.56)
    Slow Hands : Interpol (Score = 87.92)
    Evil : Interpol (Score = 87.4)
    Wooo : Vitalic (Score = 82.94)
    Links 234 : Rammstein (Score = 82.02)
    Krack : Soulwax (Score = 81.13)
    Munich : Editors (Score = 81.09)
    Hero : Ministry (Score = 77.77)
    Belly Dancer : Kaos Krew (Score = 77.23)
    Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt : We Are Scientists (Score = 76.4)
  • 50,000

    8. Dez. 2008, 0:26 von Dugahole