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  • 81M
  • o/
  • Self titled and Evil Empire are just masterpieces! [2] The Battle Of LA is just as good if not better. Personally, Debut > The Battle Of LA > Evil Empire >Renegades. All 4 are great projects though.
  • check it out this new band: Black Mask & Gasoline - EP teaser 2015: Facebook:
  • This ain't metal, but it's fucking awesome though
  • Been really addicted to them lately. One of my favourite metal bands ever.
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • haha this is what I need now
  • Say groove sucker, groove!
  • Self titled and Evil Empire are just masterpieces!
  • Песни со смыслом, и это радует.
  • Good band
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Gods.
  • or rage, yeah
  • in a word: angry
  • "Bulls on parade" from Kiev cover band "Jeam Beam" Thanks for watching
  • 15 years no album, woah.
  • RAGE
  • Relate to the matter relate to the matta
  • Rally round the band, again
  • Happy 51st birthday Tom
  • Вряд ли когда-либо дождемся нового альбома. А жаль.
  • Killing in the Name!
  • if we settle for nothing now we settle for nothing later
  • Gods.
  • Favorite band.
  • Rage Against the Machine rlz, Linkin Park sucks balls. [4]
  • Damn this takes me back. RATM all the way. But still a fan of Audioslave. Cant believe Tom Morello is now 50, im getting old.
  • Oh man I love some american ignorance.
  • edgy communist garbage. anybody who listens to this band needs to be deported to north korea
  • RATM sempre \\o/
  • Rage Against the Machine rlz, Linkin Park sucks. [3]
  • Rage Against the Machine rlz, Linkin Park sucks. [2]
  • Rage Against the Machine rlz, Linkin Park sucks.
  • Fantastic
  • Champagne socialists who rant against corporations despite being signed to one. I bet they're against musical piracy too.
  • лучшие, блин
  • Isn't Sony BMG part of the machine they're supposed to be raging against?
  • The best band to combine rock and rap.
  • One of the best bands to combine rock and rap. [6]
  • Great Funk Music with the great guitar playin of Tom Morello and the cool rappin Zack de la Rocha. The Lyrics are great too. interesting topics
  • Stuck Mojo's "Snappin' Necks" through "Declaration of a Headhunter" albums are way better than Rage's stuff, imo.
  • так уже никто не высказывается !!! КИШЕЧНИК ТОНКОВАТ Лутшиее
  • Depressing that Rage called it a day before they could release an album during the Bush years coz damn... that could've been some great stuff right there. Hell, '14-'15 is so full of shit that Rage could commentate on... but alas...
  • or they really are communists (....or someone in the band is.....) and that would explain why they refuse be part of the capitalist popculture system and going along with the Live Nation-level of crashgrabbing by touring and releasing albums... :/
  • I don't get what RATM is waiting for, if you ain't doing a new album at least tour then.... or do Audioslave.... You ain't gettin any younger dudes, or are you waiting until you all hit your 60s.................
  • they're the only good band.


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