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Die moderne kanadische Prog Metal-Band aus Whitby, Ontario wurde 1999 noch unter dem Namen Happy Go Lucky gegründet und veröffentlichte 2003 ihre Demo-EP "A Calculated Use of Sound".

Mit öffentlichen Straßenauftritten, erweiterten Protest The Hero ihren Bekanntheitsgrad, indem sie mit dem Song "These Colours Don't Run" auf die politischen Missstände in den USA aufmerksam machten. Ihre Musik versteht sich als ein furioser, experimenteller Mix aus Power und Progressive Metal, sowie hinzuaddierten Post-Hardcore-, Metalcore- und Pop-Anleihen (Katharina Pfeifle, Journalistin beim Rock… mehr erfahren



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  • Perhaps the best band of all time. Well, they're up there.
  • This new EP sounds pretty awesome. It is the Protest the Hero we love, but is also a step further
  • last dot fm is a dead web site, and cataract is a good music song
  • real talk i think the subscription thing theyre doing is very interesting. in this age of non-physical media and easily available free/ad-supported streaming you gotta throw shit at the wall and see what sticks when it comes to delivering a product that people will want to pay money for
  • cold water is pretty good.... for a song, that dwells in tumblr non sense, i mean.......
  • Just found out about these guys. Scurrilous is legit one of the best albums I've ever heard. Wish their other albums were more like that, although they're still pretty good.
  • Yeah. I think so too, but do they have to tease so much? :D
  • I think they will release Pacific Myth in physical form someday.
  • Fuck this digital shit... I want to hold a real record in my hands. Not buying any subscription to some loony digital service. I'd really like to support these guys finacially by buying their music, like I did with the three previous albums. But no Vinyl/Disc, no money. Simple as that. Though the previews of Tidal, Ragged Tooth and Cold Water are promising.
  • whats this about a remastered kezia

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