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Protest the Hero

No Stars Over Bethlehem (3:50)


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  • Rainbow-Core! :D
  • Someone plunged a dagger deep into God's chest and When he groaned it laid our entire civilization to rest When he pulled out the dagger and marveled at the pain he could create We stuck another in his back to seal creation's fate
  • the lyrics in the song are the best they have ever done.
  • its nice to hear one of these kind of bands using some decent guitar work
  • 2:43 loooolololol [2] Though I was gonna shout about that in my own words....
  • one of my fav protest songs....simply fucking brilliant
  • the riff just before the ending is amazing
  • Yeah I don't really get the "selling out" thing either. Fortress was released on the same label as Kezia.
  • Kezia >>>>>> Fortress.
  • 2:43 loooolololol
  • <3
  • Don't understand how they really sold out. I like all their work.
  • Although I care that they've sold out, I do like their smooth transitions, strong (and always appropriate) through-composed songwriting, and searing guitar solos. Vocals convey such emotion. Even though it's old, it never gets old to me.
  • <333
  • Probably the sickest opening to album ever created.
  • Metal is still Alive and breathing!..............and will continue so!
  • Yes song.
  • awesome song :o
  • Kezia definetly gets my vote. Nothing they could do on fortess amounts to the acoustic ending of blindfolds aside.
  • live?... def best song
  • Off the hook!
  • Amen—to—the—people!
  • This Song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
  • awesomeeeeeeeee :)
  • I love this song, i play it on my iPod.
  • I prefer Kezia. I just got the flower from the cover tattooed on my hip. Ya, i like this band...
  • love this one!
  • IMO Fortress is both better and worse than Kezia due to being more professional - i.e. the songs on Fortress are very coherent, dense and well constructed, but after listening the whole album from beginning to end I just feel that it's just too dense, and within this high level of professionalism the real magic is lost somewhere - Kezia seems less perfectly polished, which has it's own beauty.
  • I vote Kezia. All my favorite songs are on this album.
  • The beginning to a great album...
  • Thats a tough one. Kezia or the Fortress was better. Well, Kezia has some amazing songs (like this, divinity within, Heretics and Killers) But the Fortress has (bloodmeat, goddess bound, seqouia throne). Tough. :P
  • Eita som trampado da poha! [2] :D I Like . (:
  • kezia rapes fortress, and that's something to say, since fortress is pretty sick
  • eita caraia, curti mesmo ;D
  • the bass is god all hale
  • great band... and wonderful song writing..
  • biah
  • foda d+!
  • Eita som trampado da poha!
  • October 5, Cleveland OH :D finally, damn it!!
  • Such a good opening track
  • Best song/band ever
  • This song is great.
  • incredibly amazing
  • God damn it I love this band. First listened to Fortress, fell in love with it, grabbed Kezia, but I thought I would think it sucked. "THIS SHOULD NEVER BE!!" *awesome guitar* Proven wrong.
  • First song I've heard by them and already loving it =D
  • Bass is amazing!
  • great band! =D
  • this
  • He should scream alot more, fortress has a few growls. This breakdown is great, tho.


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