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Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

Sailing The Seas Of Cheese


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  • Most remasters do. The best sounding CDs tend to be from the mid-80s to early-90s. These new "remasters" frequently deprive the albums of their dynamic range so they sound more palatable to the lunkheads who think 128kbps mp3s played on a phone and heard through earbuds or, worse, Beats are ideal. I'm perfectly content with my CD from 1991.
  • The resmaster sounds a bit crappy...
  • Best
  • So uh, they're going to remaster and reissue this album. IF IT AIN'T BROKE...
  • Best Album
  • i wanna fuck with this album
  • This album sucks!!!
  • Has some great songs, but I think Frizzle Fry is better overall.
  • dat bass
  • Production is so damn good.
  • Understand though, years ago. Not because they played in Bill and Ted's, but that didn't hurt. I'm having a nostalgic moment now.
  • This is my introduction to these fellers.
  • Best Primus album. I love it.
  • Convinced that this is the best album in forever.
  • most release dates in are fucked up, didn't you notice ?
  • 1996 fail. it was 1991.
  • They probably reissued the CD in 1996
  • took me through 4th year uni this - ace album
  • this album should be so much bigger of a hit than it is. <3
  • love this album
  • fuck year, seas of cheese
  • Best Primus album ever - fact.
  • Well, I remember it as if it were a meal ago...
  • Jerry Was A Racecar Driver. Drove so goddamn fast. Never did win no checkered flags but he never did come in last.
  • if i smoked loads of weed and went to bed listening to this lp, i invariably had surreal nightmares. needless, the album remains a personal favourite.
  • I love this album to death, and the cool thing about it is that while Les was slapping away at his bass and Herb was hitting the double bass like a motherfucker, and Ler was licking it up on his amazing guitar all in the studio, I was being born.
  • ive had this album for about 4 years and i still love it! superb!
  • Jerry was a race car driver Badass song
  • eat it smell it love it
  • best basit in the world and also some great bands&artist
  • hey-oooh !
  • Here they come :)
  • I fucking love this album.
  • Hello! Please visit /Ronny
  • sick shit
  • I think they made this album on a differant planet. Maybe The Dark Side Of The Cheesey Moon.
  • My favorit Primus album!

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