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  • "Imrama, correctly pronounced with a stressed first syllable and voiced labiodental fricative second ‘m’, is pronounced by the band themselves (as native speakers of English, ignorant of the Irish language and it’s orthography reading the word would) with a stressed second syllable and bilabial nasal second ‘m’." Wow someone has some harshness in the wiki above.
  • My first Primordial album! Still be great! \m/.(><).\m/
  • What a fantastic debut!
  • If you listen to the first recordings of "the jesus and mary chain" (fathers of shoegaze IMO), the guitars sound quite like the typical chainsaw black metal ones. I like this first album a lot, it's much better than what I had read about it ! Every Primordial album deserves to be buyed :-)
  • Shoegazing guitar...? What? Did we listen to the same album?
  • It has almost a shoegazing guitar :) Nice
  • Their best album apart from The gathering Wilderness.
  • Very good album.
  • Don't really like metal but there are exceptions, like this one. Found this album on Spotify, luckily! It's great and I have to buy it sometime.
  • chanting in gaelic rather

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