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  • Avatar für Sarguer
    Amazing show in Alsfeld!
  • Avatar für Beav
    Come to Florida so I can die Happy. Or New Orleans at least
  • Avatar für bohenix
  • Avatar für glock63
    CAMF in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Avatar für PP667
  • Avatar für ChaostarJuan
    First time hearing your new album, Where Greater Men Have Fallen, and i don't need more than 30 seconds to say: I had waited so much from you, and you bring so much to us... More than i wait! No words to say how much i'm glad to hear something so strong, so powerful and so fucking good! Congrats for your new album!
  • Avatar für rezdechausee
    How have I never listened to this band before now?! Fucking delicious.
  • Avatar für SanctuaryCat
  • Avatar für Shaythan
    I want to see them live
  • Avatar für HyRRa
    Primordial has been one of my favourite bands for years now! We formed a band which is highly influenced by Primordial. We just released a new song called "Hukka" which you can listen here: http://www.last.fm/music/Nodding+Sky/_/Hukka - please give us feedback if you feel so! And sorry for the advertise! But yeah, Primordial is indeed the shit!
  • Avatar für cantcontrolthew
    Love the sound of this guys but honestly their old stuff is better.
  • Avatar für Russian_Wolf
  • Avatar für UnleashTheW0lvz
    Every man is evil, and every man a liar, and every word he speaks is kindling to the fire!
  • Avatar für monisiowaty
    one of the greatest bands ever!
  • Avatar für Evil_Deed
    What a pity they visited only Moscow [2]
  • Avatar für Maco097
    I love this band so much.
  • Avatar für Odinochka999
    What a pity they visited only Moscow
  • Avatar für Vantaig
    The first ever show in Russia, the extended special setlist - and I was there to witness. Thus it all was not pointless.
  • Avatar für Lost_Souls_UK
    Just chiming in to say they are hands-down the best live band I've ever seen. Nemtheanga is a true metal-god. New album was made to destroy audiences.
  • Avatar für Ronfeld
    I can't believe I'm actually going to be finally seeing this band live
  • Avatar für ThisDominon
    Amazing live performance last night in London.. I feel a delving into the back catalog is at hand
  • Avatar für forfrosne
    Primordial absolutely blew me the fuck away live. Easily the best live show I've ever seen. Definitely need to look into their back catalogue now.
  • Avatar für Lost_Souls_UK
    I'm starting to think that Redemption is their best album after TTND. I know people are funny on that one, but like all of them, it grows and it grows. "O Death! Where are your claws..."
  • Avatar für Pheneks
    you damn the album peasant buy [8]
  • Avatar für cuber3
    As someone who didn't really get grabbed by "Redemption...", I'm overjoyed to say my first listen of their latest left me shaking in awe. Gods!
  • Avatar für Lost_Souls_UK
    Primordial with [artist]Winterfylleth[/artist] and [artist]Portrait[/artist]! That's a mini-festival line up!
  • Avatar für iPowder
    you buy the damn peasant album [7]
  • Avatar für Rowolta
    album the peasant damn buy you [6]
  • Avatar für Bluntside5050
    buy the damn album you peasants [5]
  • Avatar für Schander
    buy the peasants you damn albums [5]
  • Avatar für knight_88
    Such a great band!
  • Avatar für TmAYD
    As usual, Primordial shame the opposition with regal ease. Review now posted at Rockfreaks.net - http://www.rockfreaks.net/albums/7526
  • Avatar für Necrophant
    8888 scrobbels fuck irish pride
  • Avatar für ASSMan316
    totally agree with the statement below, new album has grown on me like a fungus
  • Avatar für Jd_Jd_Jd
    The new album is a grower. After the first spin I wasn't convinced, but the real impact gradually became bigger with every new spin.
  • Avatar für DamienCallisto
    First time really giving this band a shot. The vocals take some getting used to.
  • Avatar für Russian_Wolf
    новый совершенно не зацепил...(
  • Avatar für iPowder
    buy the damn album you peasants [4]
  • Avatar für Clubonica
    Do these guys ever play in the midlands? It's always north or south, damn it!
  • Avatar für Clubonica
    Every Primordial album sounds bloated on first listen; only with dedicated listening do they reveal themselves. After several years I'm still only fully tuned into A Journey's End and most of TTND.
  • Avatar für SongUpInHerHead
    Terrific album! Most songs unfold as you listen compared to the title track and it's prompt battle hymn glory. It's not what I was expecting and that makes me really glad, these guys don't let themselves get stale.
  • Avatar für Borreh
    buy the damn album you peasants [3]
  • Avatar für tropicalhaze
    buy the damn album you peasants [2]
  • Avatar für metalkillthekin
    great new album !!!!
  • Avatar für NVKLR
    I cry :(
  • Avatar für julius_ebola
    New album is a real grower - the tracks slowly revealing themselves over subsequent plays. All as fierce, emotional and political as I've come to expect from this band.
  • Avatar für Verrjerah
    Good album, but definitely not their best. To be honest, it's closer to bottom ( Fav songs are Babel's Tower, The Seed Of Tyrants and especially Wield Lightning to Split the Sun.
  • Avatar für HAZZZARD
    great cd
  • Avatar für TheDeathTouch
    Just like the last 3 Primordial albums, the new album takes a few spins to start to appreciate it fully. Also like the last 3 releases, it's basically metal perfection.
  • Avatar für Rowolta
    Sounds like Adam Sandler.


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