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  • Pop Evil interview at Download festival
  • bring back old last fm:
  • Pop Evil live at Tabernacle ... wow! Great show!
  • cool band!
  • I saw the "Footsteps" CD single at Best Buy a few days ago. I chose not to buy it because I already have the song on iTunes, and the T-shirt it comes with is too big.
  • Not looking forward to suffering through this bands set tomorrow..
  • Torn to Pieces <3
  • Torn to Pieces, such a f*cking good song
  • Horrible name...surprisingly great band. [4]
  • Horrible name...surprisingly great band. [3]
  • Horrible name...surprisingly great band. [2]
  • 'Onyx' is awesome. Listened to it 5 or 6 times today.
  • new album is awesome!
  • Wandam1, лучшие надо писать грамотей. А групп не плохая. Not bad.
  • хорошая группа)) тем что они берут за основание творчество Pearl Jam и Soundgarden - это радует. Лутшие в этом году))
  • Trenches video is amaaaazinggg
  • Having listened to their new album this morning it is awful compared to their previous two.
  • New Trenches amazing!
  • Да не говори)
  • красоту делают :))
  • Nice album -)
  • Hero
  • awesome new album
  • Horrible name...surprisingly great band. (2)
  • Horrible name...surprisingly great band.
  • Last Man Standing.
  • I think it's a wicked band name, and it really sums up the music I've heard so far.
  • They're ok. I think they are trying to hard for Nickelback's sound with "Boss's Daughter", but it's still a good song.
  • Last Man Standing
  • Great Band
  • What a great band....when I first saw the name......couldn't help but laugh. lol
  • Попса-ЗЛО!
  • good band but band name sucks
  • dumb name for a band --------------------- true
  • just like every other horrible alternative band out there today
  • Pop Evil goes Live & Unplugged in the Studios
  • dumb name for a band
  • Saw these guys on tour a bit ago - just looked em up again and thought this video was great - wanted to share it with everyone:
  • Интерестная группа. Послушать очень даже можно
  • New album isn't that good like their first ;/ jupiter in june is the best !
  • New album is good. Monster You Made and Save the World are two beautiful songs.
  • their new album is not bad.. i like them :)
  • Хороший новый альбом. [2]
  • they did not disappoint on album #2!
  • New album is good.
  • Хороший новый альбом.
  • Just posted a review of War of Angels. Check it out at
  • war of angels sounds very nice so far :) buy it!
  • enjoyin this song Last Man Standing now ... love the rockin intro!!


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