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Alice (2:44)


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  • There is a long range, so long that I have trouble.
  • This song is awesome. This is vaporwave, right?
  • I think that smokin' this song and listening weed is the best idea ever. <3
  • I think that smokin' weed and listening to this song is the best idea ever. <3 (2)
  • Pogo is on to something, but unfortunately seems to take too similar an approach with each track. Can't listen to two in a row without feeling it's just the same thing again with different source material.
  • mad tune
  • lovvvve
  • There is a long to love, bejeweled, I'm troubled" -OOOH
  • "There is a long way to love the death of the devil."
  • "Be-jewelled. Falafel. I'm troubled."
  • speaking for myself, i rather prefer being sober and listening to this.
  • Amazing <3
  • Yes.
  • I wouldn't mind this my most played tune of Pogo
  • simplismente d +!!!!!!!!!
  • this is so goooood.
  • "There is a long way to love [something something].. DEVIL"
  • TUNE.
  • fresh soundz
  • Timeless.
  • I think that smokin' weed and listening to this song is the best idea ever. <3
  • ......)))
  • trippy
  • @Muplo: Hee hee! :-))
  • :3
  • Mary Siwanowicz
  • I'm so high right now and i'm listening to this song continuously
  • a strange, rare, gem
  • love it
  • magic.
  • ((((((^O^)))))))
  • I've heard this song countless times on youtube, watching the vid synced up to alice in wonderland clips. It's WONDERFUL! I was just studying and this song came up and I HAD to love it, now back to my essay!
  • Hmm... I always thought it sounded more like, "There is a long way (too long), madame, but the gravel." Which doesn't make any sense, obviously. But makes me happy.
  • Very seldom follow it along should have the trouble.
  • <3
  • Very seldom await the love that I call trouble ~
  • Why am I surprised that I'm not the only one who thinks this is the best track ever made?
  • the best word to describe this is gritty.
  • Am addicted to this ! Amazing ..
  • definitely the best song ever made
  • this is amazing!
  • In my opinion probably the best track ever made.
  • This is just brilliant!
  • This song was once my best friend.
  • But I, should move along..we belong.
  • Просто супер! Поставлю сюда
  • simple and addictive [2] ! ! ;)


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