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  • Can't wait for the new album to come out!
  • Any1 else watched "The Lifeguard"? Fuckin awesome movie! Lightshow is in the OST...
  • Anyone looking for a copy of La La Land on vinyl? Bought it at Record Store Day 2010 and it's been sitting on my shelf since then...never played it. PM me if you're interested :)
  • I disagree with blossomtoe. While Parc Avenue is my favourite Plants and Animals album, I think the End of That is simply an evolution of their sound, and a major improvement over La La Land. On the new album, the band sound more confident, while retaining the spirited mood that drew me into the band initially.
  • Agree with Beatnik24 100%. Parc Avenue will always have a special place in my heart, but since then it's been the law of diminishing returns. Spicer's lyrics have never been the band's strongest suit, but it sounds like he's really phoned the latest bunch in. Some of the rhymes are downright embarrassing. So many of the songs are too long and overstay their welcome - the 2nd half of The End of That is just a boring racket. I agree that they have the talent to do much better, but they need to knuckle down and re-discover the songwriting knack - or introduce a bit of new blood to the band to give them a kick up the arse. I actually just deleted The End of That from iTunes, because I know I'll never listen to it, and it's kind of infecting how I view their earlier work. Most disappointing release of the year? You betcha.
  • So chill.
  • Parc Avenue was GREAT but the self-titled was THE BEST
  • I enjoy all of your Albums. But Parc Avenue is by far the best.
  • I'm put in that uncomfortable position where I unfortunately sound like every cliche stereotypical hipster by saying their first album was truly their best. Parc Avenue was a masterpiece, and i remember in 2007 being disappointed that they didn't receive the props or recognition that they deserved. La La Land was mediocre, a few good songs, but nothing spectacular- to be very frank. And The End of That made me sad. Like La La Land, a few stand-out songs, but no evolution, no growth, uninspiring- just a turn for a darker sound with more depressing lyrics- and P&A is one of my fav. underground bands. They're very talented and I know that they're capable of better. I also realize that being a fan isn't blindly applauding everything your favorite artist does like a sheep, but also admitting when the music isn't moving you. And 3 songs out of 11 just isn't good enough.
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