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  • Baffled how this has become the accepted spelling even though all releases use 'and' not '&'.
  • yup this is good
  • im stokes that they came out with the double lp. pink and brown on vinyl. I feel safe now
  • Wish they were still around..
  • 1 in the pink and 2 in the stink n_n
  • ...o yeah that makes more sense and is a lot simpler
  • their name comes from dp [2]
  • пиздаты полюбэ
  • double penetration.
  • dp?
  • VIBIN'
  • i think you may have something there konrad. Also this band is fucking great!
  • The other day I put together a hypothesis on how they got their name. I realized how pink and brown are two different types of noise (along with white) and they are a noise band sooooo....
  • Hey whats up, check out the new album from USA is a Monster, here is a free track
  • famous anus
  • byrðr's new ep is available for download for free, [url=]here.[/url] for fans of lo-fi noise, dark tones and guitar feedback.
  • Jammi! I like it!
  • This is so badass/underlistened
  • Must be the sound of your MUMMY, reversecentaur! HA! Is that a euphamism? HMM?! LONG LIVE MUM AND DAD
  • ugh, whats with all this fake noise rock crap that just sounds like boring jam bands?
  • GarciaMarquez : £5.50 on amazon is too expensive? You cheap fucker! also, yeah people do buy their albums and if anything it's independant music that needs your money the most.
  • Hell yeah!! Black Pearl is fucking awesome
  • To the below poster, check sordo dot com. They'll have the links yer after. That's where I got mine.
  • does somebody want to me give me a link to a download of their music? kthxbai.
  • q q q q q q
  • R.I.P Mum and Dad.

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