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Pinback besteht hauptsächlich aus Armistead Burwell Smith IV (Zach) und Rob Crow.
Das ganze startete 1998 in San Diegoals Freizeitprojekt, als Zach's Band Three Mile Pilot eine Pause einlegte und Rob Crow etwas Zeit zur Verfügung hatte. Nachdem sie das gleichnahmige Debut 1999 unter Ace Fu veröffentlichten, wurde wesentlich mehr Zeit in Pinback investiert.

In den darauf folgenden Jahren steigerten sich die Aktivitäten…

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  • Pandora has recently started to stream a lot of Pinback songs, maybe they will finally get the popularity boost they deserve
  • Dope!
  • Freaking awesome band!
  • Importante.
  • shadrach_451 either i never would've heard their music or i pirate it. If he and his band can't think of a way to make money with the internet it's their problem. The game is changing, not my fault, or anyone's
  • Listening to Autumn of the Seraphs. Reading about the story of Larry Walters that inspired the song Walters. I wish Rob Crow the best of luck. He's left some amazing music behind.
  • Nice, placebo_molko, very apt comment to have be the last thing to be said here at the moment when Rob Crow announces that he's quitting music because it's not financially sustainable for supporting his family. I feel like there is something darkly poetic about that.
  • Can someone please send me tripoli. It's wrong both in "this is a pinback cd" and the tripoli EP. I wonder what was going thru that guy's head to make that.
  • i downloaded a discography and tripoli is actually "everything in the right place" by radiohead, what the fuck man
  • does that really constitute something worth sharing with the world?

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