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1997 gründen Shouter J.R. Hayes, Gitarrist Scott Hull und Drummer John Evans Pig Destroyer. Im selben Jahr nehmen sie nicht nur ihr erstes Demotape auf, sondern veröffentlichen auch mit Orchid eine Splitsingle. Im Frühjahr '98 klappern sie die komplette Ostküste ab mit Converge, Kid Dynamite und Isis. Nach dieser Tour steigt Evans aus.

Seinen Platz nimmt Brian Harvey ein. Mit ihm zusammen veröffentlichen sie "Explosions In Ward 6". Danach gehen die Touren erst richtig los. Das Trio spielt mit… mehr erfahren



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  • probably the greatest grindcore band of all time in terms of consistency
  • naked beneath the naked trees.
  • v Haha! Book Burner is pretty great
  • Terrifyer>Prowler>Phantom Limb>Painter>Explosions in Ward 6>Book Burner, they're all great though, except book burner
  • Got the remaster on vinyl (Oxblood one). The quiet parts are somewhat really noisy, i guess the splatter color has something to do with this... a bit disappointed about this, but it's not awful tho. The new mastering seems pretty good to me, really great vibe, it's not just a "make-it-louder" job, they really tried to make it sound better, depends on your tastes i guess. The liner notes explained why they left "Evacuating Heaven" out for the reissue, the original vocal track was missing on their archives, so they decided to skip it. Apparently, they really didn't changed anything else to the record, Scott Hull said he didn't wanted to change anything, just make it sound better.
  • I think there's two missing tracks on the remaster and I don't understand why. I don't personally prefer the remaster because something about it feels weird to me. I think it might be the drumming, it sounds different and too overpowering for my taste, which heavily contrasts how quiet it was in the original recording. That all combined with the fact that some of the screams are different (what the fuck?) or don't have the original filters that were placed on them.. I don't know. Maybe I'm just too much of a sucker for the original version of Prowler, and the vibe that the production provided.
  • There's a missing track on the LP apparently...
  • I think the remaster sounds really good. Preferred over the original? yeah i dunno. Will have to do both back to back several times to reach a proper conclusion.
  • I can't really decide, but I can say the remaster didn't make it sound WORSE. It's not like it suddenly sounds like Book Burner or anything.

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