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  • Shame he hasn't followed up kinetik with anything that has struck me particularly.
  • templeruins you are a huge nerd.
  • download "sub conscious" and "kinetik" - 2 great albums!
  • xotica fucking sick song
  • Sub Conscious is seriously really good.
  • Innerverse - just best tune
  • Can not stop listening to Luminous, I suggest you all do the same.
  • But don't get me wrong though, Subconscious is masterful
  • lol@ people hating on his new stuff. Kinetic = one of the best electronic releases from the '10s.
  • Great tunes man!
  • Why have I not heard 'Sub Conscious' until now? Amazing. Right up there with Possford and Ott in terms of quality psy-chill. Seems his recent stuff isn't so hot. Oh well. Happy to add Sub Conscious to my "best psy chill" playlist. :)
  • Wow! Great artist
  • floydfest 2013...see ya
  • please make another Sub Conscious before your main tags become dubstep and you lose all of your good fans... Also his latest album is technically classed as brostep (more wubs and over-the-top bass, generally bad sounding).
  • "Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt 1" is a bad piece of music and I regret getting it. I dont know more music from this artist, but im definiteley not gonna chek it out
  • it doesnt matter. theres still sub conscious to listen to. try this one song from Freq - Strange Attractors cd called [track artist=Freq] Bliss[/track]
  • This shit is so awesome. Both albums. @TheLastNagual - Try Ott's albums, and especially the Hallucinogen in Dub album he did
  • Sufreakinperb sonic energy
  • refreshing sound
  • I cant find ANY album or even song as good as his first album. THE BEST ALBUM EVER CREATED!!!!! :D Any recommendations? Help ?
  • Saw him twice in Austin. Rain definitely knows how to get the party moving
  • never heard of him before i saw him at revolution live with shpongle. blown away. he was most definately the life of the party :)
  • my hands down favorite... got lost in my poi for hours the night i saw you at RW2K12. <3
  • wicked tuneeesss
  • mad world remix is top notch
  • thelastnagual, what do you mean "almost" :)
  • Everything he made is almost perfect :)
  • OMG you are the best. Kinetik!!!
  • v NEVER go full retard. this is what happens when you do.
  • Sub Conscious was a huge inspiration for my [tag]dawgtribe[/tag] tag. I would prefer to listen to a giant Drum Circle in the woods all day every day but i cant. The first time i heard some tracks off it in 2004 it created a thirst for Electro-tribal-world-fusion. The sounds he pioneered were really hard to find. When looking try describing Rain's sound to people who ask "What do you like to listen to?". So Phutureprimitive and Orbus Terrarum on REPEAT it is. I built up a few sets worth of artists and tracks with this "dawgtribe" sound but it was difficult. 6 years later i find and its still hard to group or describe. You still have to sift through this and that. So i did, and i found HUNDREDS. The playlist seems to be limited to a few hundred even though i tagged many more. It is amazing. I hope one day it will be a sub genera so it will have no limitations. Under live drumming, Rain you are one of the biggest musical influences in my LIFE. THANK YOU! ENJOY
  • .•*¨*•♫♪•ॐ• I saw [url=]SHPONGLE[/url] and [url=]Phutureprimitive[/url] Last night. =D. The best 4 hrs of music to ever pass through my ears. I GOT [url=]SIMON'S[/url] AUTOGRAPH !!!! Two of my top 10 favorite laptop composers of all time in one place !!!!!! MENTAL ORGASM ! =D. THANK YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH !!!!! 2 years ago i made a new global tag to classify their styles into a new sub genera: [url=]dawgtribe[/url] Its amazing to me they are now touring together. Makes me feel in tune with my indigo chakra. MUCH LOVE !!! NAMASTE•ॐ•♪♫•♫*¨*•
  • Очень хорошо)
  • "Rites of Passage" is one of those songs you just cannot dislike!
  • Heard the latest album early last year and became one of my top favorite albums of 2011 and I'm still enjoying it now <3
  • CHANGLINGLINGLINGLINGLINGLING electric forest, can't mothafuckin wait!
  • Phutureprimitive KILLED it this weekend in Toronto at The Great Hall! SOOOOO GOOD!
  • Музыка супер!
  • Does anyone see a similarity in Mimosa? Anyways, this is some good stuff!
  • Not fond of kinetik... I find it isnt quite gritty enough to get away with being gritty cos it just takes away from the chill... but that jsut a personal thing! Sub Concious is incredible!
  • 'Disappear' is superb!
  • Best of 2011 for me. (2)
  • dope shit
  • Best of 2011 for me.
  • this is very nice.
  • dooooowntempo
  • 44,000 listeners and still vastly under-appreciated.
  • Obviously you haven't listened to Kinetik.
  • mesmerized ... +


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