• Atari Teenage Riot @ Colchester Arts Centre

    22. Nov. 2010, 11:54 von Jazzmanstereo

    Thu 18 Nov – Atari Teenage Riot

    I enjoyed opener Phuq.
    I think we were all expecting it to pack out by the time Atari Teenage Riot got on stage as this was the case at the Melt Banana gig. It didn't, but all us at the front had a wicked time, jumped around, jumped on stage, general goodness. It really lived up to all my expectations for a band I thought I'd never see live and were a huge part of my youth.
  • gig listing

    20. Jul. 2009, 16:06 von Jazzmanstereo

    07/99 The Big Day Out
    05/00 Korn
    08/00 Reading Festival
    04/03 Public Enemy
    09/04 The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra w/ Calling Gina Clark, The Captain, The Mock Heroic
    04/05 British Sea Power
    06/05 Download
    07/05 Ian Brown
    07/05 Agnostic Front
    08/05 Demons of the Pit Tour
    10/05 Goldfrapp
    10/05 KMFDM
    10/05 Motorhead
    02/06 Dragonforce
    04/06 Fear Factory
    04/06 Fear Factory
    06/06 Download
    08/06 Cryptopsy
    09/06 Soilwork
    09/06 Wednesday 13
    11/06 De la Soul
    11/06 DespairsRay
    12/06 DJ Shadow
    12/06 Iron Maiden
    03/07 MUCC
    03/07 Wednesday 13
    04/07 Trivium
    06/07 Download
    08/07 Dir en grey
    08/07 Dir en grey
    08/07 Bloodstock
    10/07 The Gazette
    10/07 Underworld
    11/07 Dir en grey
    12/07 Bloc Party
    02/08 Megadeth
    03/08 Turisas
    06/08 Download
    07/08 Latitude
    08/08 Bloodstock
    09/08 Foals
    10/08 Tast of Chaos
    05/09 Gallows
    05/09 Hollywood Undead
    06/09 Download
    07/09 Lattitude
    08/09 Bloodstock
    10/09 Eagles of Death Metal
    11/09 Gary Numan
    05/10 Alabama 3
    06/10 Download
  • Adventures in Podcasting

    4. Jul. 2008, 2:36 von Jon Miller

    Last weekend saw the release to the iEther of another Brierly Hill 90210 podcast. The recording went relatively smoothly (“relatively” is definitely BH90210esque) but once recorded, things got interesting.

    Since moving to the new house, my office-come-studio is on the third floor. This being a Victorian gothic revival piece of architecture built in 1890 (we had a history lesson at the weekend), it’s not exactly “wired” so my internet connection is wireless to the FiOS modem on the ground floor. My Dell laptop for work sits about 4 feet away and works just fine but my Mac G5’s connection is, at best, shoddy. Buggered if I could get it to stay connected long enough (or fast enough) to upload to the .Mac server.

    This resulted in the early-morning necessity of digging out a loooong network cable, hooking up to the back of the Mac and throwing the other end out of the window. Reeling it back in and re-hurling a few times eventually cleared the flat tin roof just outside the window.