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  • Less than 200 listeners ?! o_O
  • from the first 1234, class!
  • When I downloaded the free track off his website the ID3 tag was incomplete so it wouldn't scrobbe, just a heads up guys.
  • Wonderful voice Phil. Great tunes, I looking forward to the release! <3
  • Wonder how some people have already managed to scrobble the rest of songs from Familial. Is the album leaked on the web or what? Whatever, By Some Miracle is a lot more than I anticipated so far. Just one track, and it's already all over my playlists :)
  • Fuck! The tracks sounds beautiful.
  • Great track. But he really needs a better profile picture!
  • already stuck on repeat phil, cant wait for the album!
  • one, only one song and i'm already in love. what a sucker...
  • Also on a side note, when we getting that Ed O Brien and Colin Greenwood side project, imagine that shit.
  • Just listened to By Some Miracle via Phil's website and I'm positively surprised - the track's got a nice warm, bluesy feeling. Hope the rest of the album's as good as this.
  • Phil, you're the man. Thank you for making me happy...
  • How is it that absolutely everyone in Radiohead is so insanely talented? Yay Phil!
  • Hope this stuff gets some rad reviews and Phil gets recognition as a respectable artist in his own right. The new song was pretty great.
  • Go Phil Go


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