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  • hey hey hey heyyyy, smoke weed everyday
  • Where does the excerpt at the beginning of this track come from?
  • Yep, I did it! Great song
  • wonderful
  • love at first listen
  • Perfect.
  • this song is soo good
  • awesome!!!!
  • As soon as I'm off probation in one year, I'm playing this & sparking up a fat blunt. I can't wait.
  • Legitimate.
  • such a classic ♥ ♥ ♥
  • classic
  • LOVE
  • Geez I forgot how good this song was!
  • hot hot hot...
  • dope
  • chillaXing <3
  • When the stress burns my brain like acid rain drops, P.U.T.S. is the only thing that makes the pain stop.
  • oops uh im throwin bows
  • maryjane invades my brain i cant complain hahaha
  • exactly what I do when I'm stressed out or sad. I get together with Mary Jane, put on some PUTS-like tunes and let the love overflow my soul, body and mind.
  • (I-.-I)
  • One of the fattest tracks ever.
  • Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed ; )
  • Love the bass in this tune.
  • There is music and joy in marijuana. It was flown fresh up from the border.
  • Jazzy hip hop = ultimate win [2]
  • This is what perfection sounds like
  • stoner classic
  • One of my all time favorite songs
  • this version is the best.......
  • when the stress burns my brain just like acid raindrops, mary jane is the only thing that makes my pain stop
  • this was the first puts song i ever heard and still is my favourite! The beat is just so chill and calm. Gotta love it! Jazzy hip hop = ultimate win
  • am man was still a child and i have so many questions
  • Let the problems in your mind become ancient artifacts
  • A concert review from their Saturday show in Toronto with some dope live vids!
  • let's have a mid city fiesta with yr west la connection
  • out on the porch...
  • @Mr_Evil_Guy: Amen.
  • Weed songs like this are the ones I enjoy. I hate the "YEAH NIGGA SMOKE MAD BLUNTS YO" shit that most mainstream weed songs are about. This right here is the real shit
  • So fucking good.
  • I love this song, Listened to it alot in the summer last night i heard it at a local show.
  • I'm married to the beginning of this song.
  • chillest, just greatest song ever. cant help but to just groove to this song EVRY time.
  • I can't help but nod my head every single time I hear this...
  • so so so so so so so good
  • greatest song ever made still. no joke.
  • happy 4 20 you all :)
  • Hit me one time make it funky
  • TippinMyStaff, Get fucked! Go put on your G-Unit mixtape. Ignorant fuck


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