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    29. Aug. 2006, 23:03 von castleday

    Since my friend Passioneer posted a journal entry recently, discussing her recent obsessions, I thought I'd do the same and include some new music I've discovered.

    My Tegan and Sara obsession really is refusing to die down. I have no idea why, but a few weeks ago (a month? two months? I don't remember anymore) something about them just really caught my attention. I finally got into "So Jealous", and I bought "If It Was You", pre-ordered the DVD, and literally spent hours downloading rare, unreleased, live and demo tracks. I don't know what it is, but there's something so special about their music for me. Maybe I'll figure it out eventually.

    Rachael Cantu is a new discovery, a singer with music I'd probably describe as folk-rock, who toured with Tegan and Sara. I just fell in love with her voice on first listen. All the songs on her album "Run All Night" are available for full streaming on Last.fm. Songs I'd recommend: Summer of Cycling (available for free on her website)…