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Es gibt mindestens 2 Bands mit diesem Namen

1. Hardcoreband aus den USA

THE PATH OF RESISTANCE is a band born of tragedy. In the spring of 1996, the members of Earth Crisis had a terrible van accident which left drummer Dennis Merrick unable to play for months. Hungering to continue their message while their bandmate was healing, The Path concept was conceived. While Earth Crisis had many diverse issues on it's plate and an expanded sound, the members had… mehr erfahren



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  • http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Warcry+(vsxe)
  • vsxe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> dumme ossis
  • escurocinza you're fucking scum !
  • Who Dares ......Wins!!!
  • Dude this world won't defeat me nobody listens to natzi hardcore so why should I care? I think every hardcore band should have three vocalists (!) I can't even imagine their shows...
  • There are two bands with the same name: A Vegan/SxE HC (USA) as well a WP/NS HC (Germany).
  • "nshc" dafuq? oO xVx always was left-winged, resulting from the diy punk/hc scene and from the feeling of respect for living things not some fucked up nazi shit about "keeping the body and race pure"! Get your facts straight nazi fucks!
  • Not a Nazi band. WTF.
  • I wouldn't really pay much attention to a racist anti-fascist.
  • PATH OF RESISTANCE = Vegan Hardcore from Syracuse, US with Earthcrisis, Framework, Another Victim and Godbelow members...

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