• Damnation Festival 2010

    15. Nov. 2010, 15:48 von Blessedheart

    Sat 6 Nov – Damnation Festival 2010

    Leeds University Union, Leeds, United Kingdom
    6th November 2010

    Originally taking place at Jilly's Rock World in Manchester upon its inception in 2005, before upgrading to Leeds Metropolitan University in 2007 and finally to the University Of Leeds in 2008, Damnation Festival has gone from strength to strength. Despite undergoing a downsizing and a reduction in ticket numbers this year, the event itself was an absolute success.

    Having last attended Damnation in 2008 (a stellar lineup which included My Dying Bride, Carcass, Napalm Death and Cathedral, among others), I was eager to discover how the downsizing would impact on the atmosphere in and around the Leeds University Union. It turns out that the large hall previously used to house the Jägermeister Stage was out of bounds, and this year said stage was situated in the more modest room previously used for the Terrorizer Stage. As a result…
  • On Tour with HIM

    23. Jan. 2008, 15:05 von Silversurfer007

    Der größte Musikexport Finnlands ist wieder auf Reisen – und kommt direkt auf uns zu! Im letzten Jahr veröffentlichte das Quintett „Venus Doom“ und ist nun unterwegs um euch zu zeigen, wie sie auf Deutschlands Bühnen rocken können! Sogar mit Paradise Lost werden sie im Februar für ein großartiges Konzerterlebnis sorgen! Wo HIM dafür unterwegs sein werden, könnt ihr hier sehen:

    HIM & Paradise Lost 16.02.2008: Tempodrom / Berlin

    17.02.2008: Mozartsaal / Mannheim

    18.02.2008: Elserhalle / München

    20.02.2008: Haus Auensee / Leipzig

    23.02.2008: Westfalenhalle 2 / Dortmund

    24.02.2008: Palladium / Köln

    26.02.2008: Docks / Hamburg

    Paradise Lost

    Razorblade Romance
    Dark Light
    Love Metal
    And Love Said No

    Symbol of Life
    Paradise Lost
    Draconian Times

    Right Here in My Arms
    Wicked Game
    Gone With The Sin
    The Funeral of Hearts

    Forever After
    Don't Belong

  • A quick Nightwish/Paradise Lost concert review

    10. Nov. 2007, 19:12 von dandrayan

    Wed 7 Nov – Nightwish, Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost opened the show on Wednesday night at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona, with a solid act. While not very animated on stage, the band played a hard-hitting set comprised of a mix of old such as Erased and Grey and new songs like Never for the Damned and Requiem. Unfortunately the levels of the canned sound effects and the lead singer were noticeably unbalanced at times, but I'm still definitely planning on purchasing their latest album based on what I heard that night.

    As for the main act, Nightwish is back and better than ever. Even to this day, the fans can't stop arguing about the departure of Tarja Turunen, but in my opinion Anette Olzon is a more-than-suitable successor as vocalist of one of the world's most popular metal acts. The band displayed lots of flexibility with new tracks such as Amaranth and 7 Days to the Wolves, an acoustic performance of The Islander, and a very successful round of classics such as Nemo (my personal favorite) and Wishmaster. …
  • Paradise Lost @ Alcatraz (Milan) 23/September/2007

    27. Sep. 2007, 14:15 von proggirl

    Sun 23 Sep – Paradise Lost, Neurosonic, Eyes of Eden

    Well...I'm back again with some great memories about the awaited gig from Paradise Lost in Italy...I did leave my town by the morning of 23 September to take a train to the 6 o'clock of morning and then the flight to reach Milan, at the 12:30 P.M.

    I was walking across the city to search the venue (Alcatraz) and i went there by the 4:00 P.M.

    It was breathaking when i arrived to the venue and realised i was the first one to be out of the alcatraz,then with unbelievable surprise i saw Aaron and Jeffo by first! Then i said hello and kissed them,wishing good luck for the gig.Aaron was happy to be recognised quickly and told me "I hope you enjoy the show"...That was great folks!
    Then i'd still waiting for another friends who were arriving slowly to the Alcatraz,I am not sure about the amount of people there,but at the first moment i was afraid of being attending a not too much crowded date of PL,fortunately we were a good number of peeps there at last.
  • Songs I'll Never Get Tired Of...

    17. Nov. 2006, 23:03 von KTD264

    I get that from people (especially my boyfriend) when they complain I play a certain song too much but I seriously cannot help it if I love a song so much. I guess so much I decided to list them here aka My Loved List.

    Eye for an Eye

    One of the first songs I heard from Soulfly and probably the song that made me fall in love with this band.

    Murders in the Rue Morgue

    Heard this song very recently to be exact and when I first heard it a couple months ago, I guess I overlooked the greatness of this song (plus it was hard to find an ultimate favorite song from them since I own 10 of their albums)


    I don't see them as metal but I was amazed when I saw them live when they opened up at a Sevendust concert. Since then, I dl'd many of their songs and it easily this song became my instant favorite and still is. I'm just a sucker for the catchy chorus but the lyrics are pretty cool as well.

    11th Hour

    My First concert that I for sure will never forget. I originally saw their video on Headbanger's Ball. …