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  • Avatar für srferb
    Hino eterno
  • Avatar für choklado
    Nostalgic [2]
  • Avatar für Nesquen
  • Avatar für iclous
    masterpiece [2]
  • Avatar für kakauzao
  • Avatar für acklessx
  • Avatar für hf1809
    it perfect****
  • Avatar für pure_emotion
    ten million fireflies in my head ;-) .... while I watch Planet Earth turn slowly .......
  • Avatar für foxkhung
    bring back memories. <3
  • Avatar für adelicatedegree
  • Avatar für Francielefm
    que saudades dessa música <3
  • Avatar für electradawn
  • Avatar für AriaEvans
    I've missed this song so much!!♥♥♥
  • Avatar für omatheusmota
    hino atemporal
  • Avatar für Egrooj
    magical <3
  • Avatar für flopcom
    best song <3
  • Avatar für discmann
    Thanks Marine :-)
  • Avatar für kokorocloud
    Still gives me chills. I love everything about this song.
  • Avatar für putzharold
    perfeita e nostálgica
  • Avatar für lukassantiago3
    eu amo essa musica <3
  • Avatar für ThisGame
  • Avatar für bloodywiill
  • Avatar für mathboy9
    Still beautiful <3
  • Avatar für mchaon123
  • Avatar für kutox1
    I've missed this song!! Still soooo good
  • Avatar für Baumalyssa
    It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  • Avatar für fatuma12345
    love it
  • Avatar für ArturFreire
    never gets old
  • Avatar für omatheusmota
  • Avatar für sparkyman215
    Nice chill song :)
  • Avatar für DracFlamez
  • Avatar für mcsbst
    The first time I heard this song, I thought it was Death Cab. I mean that in a good way.
  • Avatar für jetgar
  • Avatar für LeehNc
    I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly. ♥
  • Avatar für IamPhenomenal
    Yes sir, very awesome.
  • Avatar für sarah_bauer_148
    I think this song is talking about growing up too fast and wishing you could go back to the simple days of catching fireflies. But there are several ways this song can be interpreted, and that's what makes it awesome. :)
  • Avatar für JackLksMacarana
    i love his hair i love the song i love the techno vibes to it. I JUST LOVE IT!
  • Avatar für JackLksMacarana
    i feel like such an insomniac. Why do i tire of counting sheep. WHEN I'M FAR TOO TIRED TO FALL ASLEEP
  • Avatar für gimmeacupcake
    go owl city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar für ElyssaYazid
    I liked the original dude. Peace out. But it is quite nice. I like it too.
  • Avatar für jewelthhedgie
    i would ecomend the electronic version, but this is good too
  • Avatar für Mats2013
    I Love This Song <3
  • Avatar für xxAttackAttackx
    Owl City remain my favorite music artist even though I like Heavy Metal and crap. But his stuff is just...moving!
  • Avatar für NikSpirit
    Wonderful track! <3
  • Avatar für GaijinYume
    Is it just me but doesnt this guy remind for of the kid from Glee Finn or is it just me but when i was watching the new song Good time I was like...holy S*** he looks just like him wow. But anyhows I think this song reminds me for that dreamy childhood haze but its a cute song
  • Avatar für Gorilla-
    I remember when I met one girl who was really nice, funny and good-looking. Bit of a hippie but still really hot. But when she told me that she loves this song... it was a huge turn-off.
  • Avatar für languagethirsty
    you think me rude but i would just stand and stare
  • Avatar für queenasami
  • Avatar für OnlyTrustHim
    Good song!
  • Avatar für myforever25
    You would not believe your eyes <3


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