• Jazz in the Hotel

    26. Jun. 2013, 8:18 von NumarulTrei

    Fri 21 Jun – Jazz in the Park

    I was waiting for a long time with great interest this event , and I was hoping to get so much more, but in the end, it was just part bad luck part amateurism form the organizer's part.

    I haven't planned to go to the events during the day because it's not my kind of activity. so I decided to participate only to the evening show. So my thoughts are exclusively about these concerts.

    1st Day
    I did not see the concert mainly because I don't like vocal jazz very much and the other "famous" band that was singing that night byron has nothing to do with jazz. I also label it kinda' too hip for my taste.
    From what I've heard this concert was a really nice one and now I somehow regret my decision. But that's that...

    2nd Day
    I was prepared for a great gig, but I only heard Gabriela Costa & Alex Man. That's not because I wanted to go home but it was the weather's fault. It rained. A lot. …
  • Awesome New Electric Tango

    13. Jun. 2007, 12:27 von Uncle_Riotous

    I first heard Electrocutango on Tango Club (which featured their track Sin Piel) while I was trying to find something similar to Gotan Project and I was blown away by it. I tracked down their album but trying to get hold of it in the UK was seriously expensive. Fortunately I had some friends who went to Argentina this Spring and they brought me back a copy which was far, far cheaper. The rest of the album is just as good.

    If you're trying to find some serious tango which is fresh and original and in the same vein as Gotan Project or Otros Aires then definitely check this out.