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  • I listen to them fairly often as well.
  • Think I'm the only dude who still listens to these guys regularly haha
  • Loving your sound. :) Keep it up.
  • For some reason I thought they were better known than what they are. I really dig their album. The Arguments and Travel Plans are amazing tunes.
  • who what, I was listening to orko the psychotic
  • Screaming at the end of Arguments is so killer.
  • Wow, I love The Arguments soooo much, great songby a great band!
  • @himynameisjackk: HELL NO!!
  • Jesus, next it'll be Sucioperro's 'hiatus'.
  • What? Breaking up? These guys as well?! Is there still any GOOD UK band going on strong as ever? Geez...
  • i know, I'm so sad. Where can I get a ticket for the last gig, I can't find em anywhere...unless I just go to sleazys and get one there...?
  • Sad that these guys are breaking up
  • This shoutbox is dead.
  • the maths teacher is my maths teacher.
  • V He loves Maths Teachers. Catchy band
  • These guys are OK. But I would ditch the math teacher. Not because he sucks at playing bass, but because he's a math teacher.
  • where can i buy your cd
  • Glad I found this band using the player.
  • pretty cool random find :)
  • if you love this band go watch their live sessions at and go to 'Popmorphic videos' x
  • Coooooooooool band, not on the same scale as older biffy or sucioperro, but effin' cool regardless.
  • They say fortune favours the brave... NOW PROVE IT! =D <3
  • Brilliant band. 'The Arguments' is particularly ACE! :O)
  • seconded.
  • New album's a bit good :)

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