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  • lol
  • I completely agree with NeoAnjou. The "do yourself a favor" is agressive and terrible.
  • The Internet Is for Porn, Schadenfreude top tracks - hell yeah! :D
  • Where can i find the original (1996) cast recording from State Fair to download?
  • I'll do it as love_conquers says, I've just bough Spider-man turn off the dark and I wanted to scrobble its tracks here, so I'm going to use his strategy
  • All caps make this look so much better, I have to say.
  • If you fix your tags using something like it can be done in just a few mouse clicks.
  • I think a lot of the debate would end if the description were made less patronising. The 'do yourself a favor' line really rubs me up the wrong way, and is needlessly hostile. A switch to a more gentle and positive description might actually get people to change their artists, something like: 'Original Broadway Cast' is a generic artist label used for various Broadway shows. Last FM recommends that rather than using the generic cast label changing your tags, to include the actual artist name in the artist field, so that artists can receive the plays they deserver and statistics can be kept clean.'
  • Finale is the best song ever.
  • How long has this debate been going? Since the birth of Nothing has changed since, and it's obvious that nothing will. It's time to put a lid on it.
  • I plan on keeping the OBC tag, since I use it to differentiate between different casts. Some show originally start in London, in which case I use Original London Cast. Some shows start Off-Broadway, so I use Original Off-Broadway cast and so on and so forth. I'd rather not have Adam Pascal/Heather Headley, Sherie Rene Scott/Adam Pascal/Heather Headley, and Heather Headley/Sherie Rene Scott as three separate artists in my library under one album, when I can simplify them down into Original Broadway Cast as the artist and have the album as Aida.
  • The Little Mermaid ♥
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai :)
  • i actually add the cast as the artist name and leave it like that whether or not changes it!
  • The Internet Is for Porn (?) ;-3
  • You would not be alone. looks at Musicbrainz for guidelines how to tag music and just look at
  • I could if I wasn't using Since nobody else tags their tracks like that, I would most likely be the sole listener for each and every showtune I own, thus eliminating a large part of the social portion of the site, which is a large portion of what I like. Also - and admittedly this is a less serious issue, and I'd certainly learn to deal with it if I ever did switch everything over - that's an ugly tag, especially for horrifically long cast recording names, such as "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1968 London Concept Album)." It also feels like a waste of my available tags - like now I should use the album tag for something else, since it would essentially be a repeat of the artist. There are pros and cons for all the different tagging options but none of them are ideal.
  • If you tag the albums as "Show Name (production)" you would be able to tell them apart.
  • It's nice to pretend there's a simple solution here, but there simply isn't. I'm not a fan of the "Original Broadway Cast" tag (as it does tend to lump a bunch of unconnected shows together) but tagging the composer as the artist is crazy unhelpful for Broadway cast recordings. The plethora of *different* cast recordings of the same show (not to mention composer demos) means that I should have four or five different songs titled "This is the Moment," all listed with Frank Wildhorn as the artist, but all recorded by different singers from different casts. The best solution I've come up with is tagging each individual song by the actual singers performing, which makes MusicBrainz mad but, honestly, it functions as a cover. Why would I tag a cover as being by the original artist rather than the artist singing it?
  • I wish I could change tags imported from when I listen to a show. This is the silliest tag.
  • @Sheikm: Listing by composer is what makes most sense and it's also policy, see It certainly makes more sense that using artificial artists like the album name, location where it was performed or simply as [artist]Soundtrack[/artist] like many do.
  • It's mostly that the site seems obsessed by listing everything by composer, which... well, it's kinda lacking in the sense department, if anything.
  • @Sheikm: Please explain. I am aware that every album in existence is not listed at MusicBrainz. If so you can help out by adding it. As for "ridiculous suggestions" I think you need to explain that as well.
  • That doesn't explain things very much, really... anyway. I had a look at 'correcting' my tags, and a lot of the albums that I own don't even show up properly on that site. It also gives ridiculous suggestions for the few that it -does- recognize.
  • First because is based on MusicBrainz data. Second because the quality of the data is much better. iTunes often have very bad info. DiscOgs are better.
  • Who's to say that the MusicBrainz way of tagging is more or less valid than the (obviously popular) method that iTunes and various others use? I'd be interested in a serious answer.
  • ...well, I have attempted to "correct my tags", being the organized freak that I can be... the CDDB has listed my album "Rent..." with this tag, so when I proceed to find the actual artists from the album jacket and then check out these artists on Last.FM, they either don't exist, are not tagged, have no artist description or there are all of 8 listeners...! IMHO, this should at the least support CDDB's album metadata, as this is what MOST of us are going to be happy with! There: my two cents!!!! :)
  • Personal attacks is not a valid argument either. That someone mistagged the files at iTunes is also not a valid argument. Just because someone once made a mistake is no reason to keep repeating it.
  • v Oh God, seriously, I dont disrespect you but you look like a manic person -.- if you look on itunes "Original Broadway Cast"appears as a correct tag and I buy songs on itunes and I'm not changing my tags :)
  • What is correct or not is not a popularity contest, but is instead based on facts.
  • paillus knows what's up.
  • leave this page alone!!!!
  • The artist recommendations are broadway related so it seems appropriate. Now if you look at Clash artist recommendations, they're clearly "The Clash" artist recommendations. If they were accurate, we would see bands name like Big Ass, Retrospect, Bodyslam, Sweet Mullet etc..
  • Actually it's not using correct tags that makes it a clutter. You also do yourself a disservice as it makes artist recommendations useless.
  • Who cares about correct tags? this keeps it all organized. When 104 606 people use the same tag, i don't think it's that incorrect. Lastfm should let us use this tag with our images, and try to get people to understand the difference between Clash and The Clash for exemple, THIS is really a bother. [3] and and stop deleting my photos!! -.-
  • Who cares about correct tags? this keeps it all organized [2]. When 104 606 people use the same tag, i don't think it's that incorrect. Lastfm should let us use this tag with our images, and try to get people to understand the difference between Clash and The Clash for exemple, THIS is really a bother.
  • this really is the easiest way to tag my musical theater files.
  • The easiest way to both get your files tagged and have correct tag is to simply download and use Musicbrainz Picard.
  • I wish I had a better way to tag my recordings...but this is so easy.
  • Finale, HAHAHA
  • Funniest Broadway stuff I have ever heard !:D
  • I have RENT motion picture as "Rent Motion Picture soundtrack" for artist, because i CAN and because I like it!
  • I love "Original Broadway Cast" as the artist because it keeps so many different shows under one neat title. Having all those songs named for every performer/composer would just be ridiculous.
  • Heh heh.. Oh, "Finale."
  • finale is a classic
  • amen, everyone!
  • <3
  • Send in the Clowns
  • I'd rather not have to look up the different artists behind hundreds of broadway songs on my iPod. Plus having all those different artists under my iPod would be annoying to no extent, since most broadway tracks consist of at least two people. So I'll stick with either OBC or the name of the musical. I use OBC for The Little Mermaid because when I added the album to computer it was labeled like that and now it has a bunch of plays so it's not worth changing really. Why lose all the plays I've got from those tracks by changing the artists? This is too complicated...
  • FUUUU lastfm


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