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Operation Ivy

Sound System (2:16)


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  • licherally a sick fokn song
  • Static pulse inside of music bringing us escape. Its always temporary, changing nothing in its wake. Just a second where we're leaving all this shit behind. Just a second but its leaving just this much in mind: To resist despair that second makes you see, To resist despair, because you cant change everything, To resist despair in this world is what it is to be free.
  • blasted this on the school computer but it was worth the consequences
  • "In some ways Operation Ivy was better than Rancid." In most ways, and arguably Common Rider is better too
  • OP Ivy is the best band evar!
  • too bad theyll never play again
  • oi!
  • I love how this song (and any op ivy) plays like 25% louder than everything else.. been that way since I was making mix tapes.
  • op ivy are flippering amazing (bad pun?)
  • I coverd this song op ivy rocks
  • Just have to love Tim Armstrong :) Sucks that ill never seen them play
  • All these Op Ivy songs playback way louder than other songs on but thats OK
  • Keep on skankin' rude boy!
  • This song really gets you revved up.
  • This started it all for the punk/ska influence that became.
  • right! sound system!
  • In some ways Operation Ivy was better than Rancid.
  • If this doesn't get you moving, then you're already dead.....
  • This is what plays in my sound system while its brining me back up.
  • This is the theme bitches.
  • Pick it up pick it up pick it up!!!
  • Favorite Op. Ivy song.
  • fucking ownage
  • fuckkk man this song soothes my soul
  • this will never happen again. any kind of reunion would be so fucking dope.
  • Try to describe it to the limit of my ability It's there for a second then it's given up what it used to be
  • this inspiration, coming and twsiting things around...
  • yeeaa !!
  • oh, so good.
  • first op ivy song i heard. fell in love and was hooked :D
  • 3rd wave of ska- so cool pick it up rude boy
  • macht mir geil
  • Oi, Oi!! >.<
  • bring me back up......
  • one of the best bands ever
  • Short lived, but amazing impact! Sound System is one thing I can depend on...
  • OI,OI
  • Op Ivy and Assorted Jelly Beans used to be the soundtrack to my life.
  • nhhhh doooo!!!!!!
  • Whoop... turn this up loud!
  • A great ska punk song did right..
  • one thing that i can depend on
  • Ivy to drive me to the Skassylum.
  • this isn't the album version of this song. the arrangement and lyrics are different
  • Fuck yeah!! Operation Ivy Rancid and Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
  • geiler song
  • this song is 1 thebest song i listend fron ska punk
  • Awesome song, shitty recording.


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