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Dan Lopatin alias Oneohtrix Point Never ist ein US-amerikanischer Experimental Musiker (Eine Hälfte von Ford & Lopatin) aus New York.

Mit seinem Drone/Ambient-Projekt Oneohtrix Point Never veröffentlichte er im letzten Jahr (2010) ein viel gelobtes Album und auch mit seinem retro-futuristischen Synthpop-Projekt Games (Zusammen mit Joel Ford) stieß er ebenfalls auf offene Ohren. Um juristischen Querelen mit den Anwälten eines US-amerikanischen Rappers vorzubeugen heißen Games nun einfach nur noch Ford & Lopatin.

Am 8. November 2011 veröffentlicht Dan Lopatin… mehr erfahren



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  • We involuntarily in beta y'all
  • because lastfm is shit
  • Why isn't Garden of Delete showing up as one of his albums?
  • wheres the melodies?? pure garbage! more like oneohtrix point NEVER listening to crap like this again
  • Why did I think Sticky Drama was an innocent track about sticky gelato when I first heard it? Silly me!
  • i love/hate OPN with all of my soul; any time i go to start a listening spree of OPN/side project tracks, i'm only able to listen to maybe 12 tracks at maximum before i'm unable to continue due to how tired/zoned i become. it's like his discography is actively trying to spite me cause of how damned relaxing and ethereal all of it is
  • GOD was juuust about album of the year, 2015: https://optimisticunderground.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/best-of-2015/
  • I'm not really into/aware the concepts behind each OPN release but each release offers something for the minds eye and texturally. the surfaces of each album always stimulates the senses,
  • Henrick_MS's comment killed my brain...Henrick stahp that, plz! I iz degraded badly naw. Anyway, GoD is an outstanding LP!
  • if you like indie music, check out my top 50 current indie songs chart every 10 days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igKtXBEs0rM

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