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  • Avatar für MauPB
  • Avatar für x03c6
    i'm off with this song; go away, i don't want u no more in my favorite
  • Avatar für roymayo
    I like guitar work
  • Avatar für burningwaffles
    great song
  • Avatar für AgentUnknown
    I like!
  • Avatar für der_haen
    Also reminded of WM 2010. sustainofsilence.wordpress.com
  • Avatar für Startoucher13
  • Avatar für BellaSC23
    Can't wait for their new album. I'm sure it'll be just as amazing!
  • Avatar für PurplePostRock
    Great track
  • Avatar für ShiroiEien
    Makes me think of Harry Potter haha. Love this song and OneRepublic is such an amazing band ! [3]
  • Avatar für HeyKathiii
    Erinnert mich an die WM 2010. :)
  • Avatar für faeq2
    Makes me think of Harry Potter haha. Love this song and OneRepublic is such an amazing band ! [2]
  • Avatar für FITSMUHU
    I love this song
  • Avatar für Joeawefm
    love the lyrics
  • Avatar für shellbyrne
    we could all march in a parade to this song! Yeh!
  • Avatar für cool4kids
    boom boom boom boom boom!this song is about earth.
  • Avatar für Zoe_Amber
  • Avatar für StartToPretend
    nice :)
  • Avatar für sandipshinde
    nice lyrics great
  • Avatar für redsdream
    Makes me think of Harry Potter haha. Love this song and OneRepublic is such an amazing band !
  • Avatar für Allyanora
    I just love this band
  • Avatar für MrSemiFunny
  • Avatar für groovebea
    i love the lyrics
  • Avatar für oma-ute
    Gute Laune Musik
  • Avatar für very_sleepy
    This is my personal anthem this month. Awesome.
  • Avatar für doyle0915
    Love this band so much. Can't stop myself from dancing.
  • Avatar für SanneRose
    love OneRepublic!!
  • Avatar für AndersJMoen
  • Avatar für arno99
    Apologize is better WITH Timbaland but this is better WITHOUT Timbaland.
  • Avatar für toto47
  • Avatar für AneezMom
    Very nice!
  • Avatar für Zombiebrain
    lukarox: meet the avada kedavra spell, kbye.
  • Avatar für Lukarox
    Harry Potter fans get the fuck out
  • Avatar für Carrie5
    Harry Potter Fans Are Marchin On ♥ [3] I've always liked this song, but I never appreciated it enough until the Harry Potter fan video. :)
  • Avatar für PirateDolly13
    Harry Potter Fans Are Marchin On ♥ [2] I love this song so much - this and All the right Moves. So, "Waking Up" will be a good start for me!
  • Avatar für _Marinaaa
    Harry Potter Fans Are Marchin On ♥
  • Avatar für Zombiebrain
  • Avatar für k1001
    whooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONEREPUBLIC :) :) :) :) :)
  • Avatar für WisnuPurnamaJ
    very recomended!!!
  • Avatar für alicinha_mouzer
  • Avatar für Power2thePPL211
    the power at hand dosent want the people to choose. check out power tothepeople at facebook and let everyone know how you feel!!
  • Avatar für toy-art
  • Avatar für MaidenTek
    It is right,whatever happens in life we are marchin on,we must continue :)
  • Avatar für MatthieuBelAmi
    One of the most uplifting and inspirationnal ANTHEMS of the XXI Century
  • Avatar für colleent69
    Perhaps my favorite song by them, love the message.
  • Avatar für ronaldbl
    perfect õ/
  • Avatar für fernandonarita
    a good song!
  • Avatar für caroleona
    They are not bad, to me it is like a fusion of U2/Coldplay....
  • Avatar für origamaru
    not bad song
  • Avatar für x_thi


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