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  • So underrated
  • easily one of my favourite bands
  • Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • That's GREAT
  • One can't deny the similarities with ASC and Hundred Hands. The lyrical melodies, the tone, the aesthetics, they're the same and from the same guy. Who would u see are more similar? I'd be interested if u have any.
  • great
  • can someone please send me "life is grand". i will be forever grateful.
  • it's not final though.... still more than one day!
  • You the man!
  • just pledged the final $18. you're welcome
  • Chris is trying to raise money for a series of 7"s via Kickstarter. Not long left to pledge.
  • Surprisingly good
  • How is this band not more popular?
  • OLD CANES are featured on Exploding In Sound's FREE digital compilation "IN CASE OF EVACUATION". Download the 2xCD comp at also featuring: Maps & Atlases, Open Hand, Me You Us Them, Caspian, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Twilight Sad, Wintersleep, LaFaro, Imaad Wasif, Red Fang, Helms Alee, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Helicopter, and many many more.
  • Been a long time since I've enjoyed every song a band put out.
  • wouldnt be able to get out of bed monday mornings without early morning hymns
  • my life <3
  • Dig the Old Canes??
  • when i am thirsty/you're the fountain/in the face of danger/i'm not afraid
  • coming by this sunday? what the hell
  • "I WIll Be The Sun" !!! <3
  • I'm addicted to "Feral Harmonic". Album ordered!
  • timeforachance if u heard the first album ud know what to expect. To me it sounds allright.
  • old canes CMJ review below:
  • this stuff is badass... reminds me a lot of Cassino
  • just amazing!
  • the new album sounds awful. it's completely over compressed and harsh sounding. decent songs though.
  • go and buy it. the cd packaging is beautiful.
  • someone share with meeeee
  • the new album is absolutely incredible. congrats!! if you want to come play a show in Boston, that'd be awesome!
  • Cool.
  • so so so so so good
  • feral harmonic is ridiculously good. way less friendly to a first listen than early morning hymns, though.
  • Crisci can do no wrong. Cant wait for Feral Harmonic
  • new song here:
  • i want the person with Feral Harmonic to send it to me posthaste. Please?
  • cchunky
  • <3
  • Early Morning Hymns - awesome album. I listen to many solo/side projects, this is one of the best i've heard.
  • that beard must get him so much ass
  • and I agree... I'd buy the hell out of a new album, for sure
  • too good
  • Really good band!
  • A new album is needed.
  • i like it.
  • good for when youre feeling blue.
  • completed obsessed with this band... Im really into this genre and wonder if anyone else knows of other good bands that play this type of music. Cassino is pretty good too if u like the old canes.
  • Wow I havent listened to that cd since at least 3 years, maybe more... very good.


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