• Some new bands of 2007

    5. Aug. 2007, 18:34 von fabbber

    Some bands that i've listened TOO MUCH this year and recommend

    The band is not too new for me, but only this year i've listened with more attemption, and can't take the CD Today's Empire, Tomorrow's Ashes. One GREAT hardcore band.

    All the Hats
    A Punk band from Argentina. They songs sounds like Rancid, and the bassist is gretear than Matt Freeman. They had two albuns.

    The Good Skamaritans
    Tha MOST misterious band I ever knew. I only found they songs in Soulseek, but information about the band and pictures was impossible to find.
    It's an skacore band that gives will to you to dance anywhere. Try to find some things of them :)

    An brasilian Ska band that made the good-old ska.
    The vocals are really good, and the songs great too.

    The JB Conspiracy / Duff Muffin
    Tha band originally calls Duff Muffin, and made an skacore very very fast. I don't know why they changed the name to The JB conspiaracy, but the songs turned a little slow, however more techniques. …