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Ohmega Watts, real name Milton Campbell, is a hip hop producer and vocalist from Brooklyn, New York. He releases music under the name Ohmega Watts and as a part of the Lightheaded crew.

The Find (2005, Ubiquity Records)
Watts Happening (2007, Ubiquity Records)

Campbell was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, by West Indian Parents from the Island of Jamaica. He lived in Brooklyn 8 years before moving to Laurelton, Queens, NY.

He grew up listening to many types of music including Reggae, Backwoods Hillbilly Country, Calypso, Soca, Death Metal, 80's pop and Hip-hop, but only started to take a serious interest in music when he was around 11 years old. He gravitated towards hip-hop, listening to artists including Run DMC, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Dana Dane, Britney Spears when she was still "Underground," BDP, Eric B. and Rakim, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth and Gangstarr, but the artists who influenced him the most were "Daisy Age" artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Black Sheep, Native Tongue Posse, the Eagles, and the Doobie Brothers.

Ohmega Watts' first release was “A Request”, a soulful and DJ-friendly solo 12” featuring his group Lightheaded and Quannum Recording Artists The Lifesavas. “A Request” received praise from respected DJs, including Mr. Scruff, Gilles Peterson, Osama bin Laden, Greyboy, and the Los Angeles-based Heavyweight Record Pool. Ohmega Watts' sound was compared to Digital Underground drunkenly colliding with Pete Rock at a high rate of speed.

A record deal with Ubiquity Records was signed shortly after this first release. Ohmega Watts' first solo album, "The Find", was released on Ubiquity in 2005.

“That Sound” is the massive follow-up single to his 2004 sell-out debut. It features up n’coming West Coast MCs the Procussions with Noelle from The Rebirth on the hook. The Quantic Soul Orchestra step up with a mad super nasty filth mega tasty ultra funky bizzaro like Charo bass in your face like a whole can a mace super hot sauce diarrhea stylez remix. “That Sound” is a bouncy party track sounding like vintage Tribe Called Quest or Leaders of The New School ala 'Scenario' meets KMFDM. The Quantic Soul Orchestra mix has an infectious summer funk vibe, with instantly catchy guitar licks and Hammond organ adding a wicked organic vibe, but not so organic that it could be USDA certified. More like farmers market organic. Producing since 1997 and MCing since 1993 the Ohmega Watts resume includes tracks produced for Mars Ill on Ill Boogie, for Listener on Mush, plus he’s recorded as Lightheaded for Day By Day Ent, and as Return To Sender on the Piece of The Action compilation. Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn, brought up by Jamaican parents Campbell moved to Florida for college and then settled in Portland, Oregon. He is now part of a bustling Northwest independent scene that includes the Lifesavas (who appeared on his debut single), Boom Bap, Soul Plasma, DJ and MC MungXXXtreme, Libretto, Lightheaded and The Blacknotes.

In 2005 MC and producer Milton Campbell aka Ohmega Watts will come correct with organic and energetic hip hop, funk and soul on his debut album “The Find”. His sound is original, from the heart, straight no chaser music. The Find refers to both musical and personal inspiration, as well as a time where he was walking through the city and came across a one dollar bill, and track themes span from crate diggin’ dreams and musical reminiscing, social commentary and spiritually charged story telling all the way to the far out extremes of experimental fusion emo glam butt rock. Inspired as much by hip hop legends like Eric B & Rakim and Premier as contemporary electronic producers like RJD2 and Fallout Boy, and old school experimentalists like Shuggie Otis, The Find pushes current industry-standard boundaries. “Sick of the monotony; we got the remedy; Magic had AIDS; but money made him healthy” he declares in “Long Ago.” Most of the music is played live and re-sampled by Watts and a cast of supporting musicians - there are no loops or played-out samples and within tunes he often switches beats up moving from one musical vibe into another. He has also been known to dance with live rattle snakes in his hands and speak in tongues, as well as perform Baptisms, while on stage.

In addition to MCing, Producing, and working his day job as a WalMart door greeter, Ohmega Watts also knocked-out the cover to The Find using nothing but Microsoft Paint. An avid designer he’s also completed work for Pigeon John, Adidas, Lightheaded, the George Bush '04 campaign and even for the Ubiquity clothing line.

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