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  • New album! but, when?
  • Хороши
  • Disrespectful listeners here, all of you, L'Epoque Noire (March the 7th 12973 A.D.), Let Me Hate, Winter 1941, Novembre, Nottetempo all must be on top, what the hell...
  • anyone who listens to Bohren & der Club of Gore and Tenhi is not allowed to call any music boring
  • @Wolf_McMurphy are you sure?
  • boring music
  • from the recording session:
  • My Starving Bambina should be among top tracks
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • album is coming... ...I cannot hardly wait to HEAR IT...!!! :)
  • new album! its definitely the most anticipated album of the year for me
  • A tribute to Novembre! [url=]Bandcamp[/url]
  • I always doubted they would ever come back. Hopefully I was totally wrong!
  • seems like an acustic album btw
  • Holy Shit!! they are coming back!
  • So why not moving to Nostalgiaplatz Together, forever, together
  • Seriously, that's some of the best news I've heard! The band has been dormant for far too long!
  • Wooooooooooooooo! I'm so excited by the news! :D :D :D
  • New Album is coming Persons : D
  • Uh yes, after 8 years waiting and hoping that they still exist !! :O
  • New album... I can't believe :)
  • Novembre 2015:
  • @Algorab: I'm happy to say you "Yes, they're making a new album"! Yeah! That's unbelievable! [2]
  • New album in 2015. That's unbelievable:
  • Guys it's official, the new album will be out at the end of the year on Peaceville records. Also, Giuseppe left the band :( here's the news in italian:
  • This band is just too good, too bad Carmelo Orlando is just ponting shit and stupid stuff on facebook all day instead of doing good music with this band.
  • [url=]Novembre - Italian Metal History (Video Biography)![/url]
  • @Algorab: I would be happy to say you someday "Yes, they're making a new album", but today they don't... maybe tomorrow. :)
  • No new album yet? :(
  • the masters of melancholy! [5]
  • the masters of melancholy! [4]
  • i can listen to this guys in Novembre, Decembre, Januarer, Februare, Marchre...
  • I miss them. Are they still alive?
  • Бессмертный коллектив.
  • the masters of melancholy! [3]
  • Holy Shit! Yes
  • Nostalgiaplatz <3
  • One word... Fantastic
  • Holy shit, I hope for that!
  • Holy shit, 7th album is in the works?
  • Doomicus Metallicus Mundus - What musical projects have you going on right now? Carmelo Orlando - We’re getting ready for the release of our 7th album, but I can’t say much more at this stage RECENT INTERVIEW(THIS IS NOT THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW OFCOURSE :D )
  • the masters of melancholy! [2]
  • Incredible dreamy melodies, so feeling voice with that deep and sad lyrics... One word: the masters of melancholy!
  • Una grande band! Aspettando il loro ritorno!
  • These guys need to come back. Just listened to Materia, it's been a while.
  • Daaiiiiiii
  • Они живы вообще?
  • MALINCONIA NOUVEAU the new album of “Le Jardin Des Mémoires” it's out now.We focusing on the emotional side of the composition.In a vibe of Novembre,Katatonia,Anathema,Alcest and last but not least Klimt 1918.Please visit our site and download the album now!!
  • 7 more songs


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