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Novembers Doom ist eine death/doom metal Band aus Chicago, Illinois. Sie haben einen Vertrag mit "The End Records".


* Her Tears Drop (Demo 1995)
* Amid Its Hallowed Mirth (Full-length 1995)
* For Every Leaf That Falls (EP 1997)
* Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers (Full-length 1999)
* The Knowing (Full-length, 2000)
* To Welcome the Fade (Full-length 2002)
* Reflecting in Grey Dusk (Best of/Compilation 2004)
* The Pale Haunt Departure (Full-length 2005)
* The Novella Reservoir (Full-length 2007)
* Into Night’s Requiem Infernal (Full-length 2009)
* Aphotic (Full-length 2011)
* Bled White (Full-length 2014)

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