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Nokturnal Mortum ist eine Pagan / Black Metal-Band aus der Ukraine.

Die Band wurde 1991 in Charkow gegründet und spielte zunächst unter dem Namen „Suppuration“, bevor sie 1993 unter dem Namen „Crystaline Darkness“ und schließlich seit 1993 unter ihrem heutigen Namen bekannt ist. Mit ihrem 1996 erschienen Album „Goat Horns“ schaffte die Gruppe auch den Durchbruch im westlichen Ausland. Durch die Vermischung von…

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  • I'm in love with these guys.
  • Goat Horns!
  • Україна... Золото Сонця торкнеться на мить. Україна... Чистого неба блакить,
  • sls
    i think they spelled it wrong
  • I wish my voice was made of steel.
  • Because this band is too good to have their own station. ^^
  • Why is it not possible to listen to the "Nokturnal Mortum" station? [2]
  • As the sound quality improves and the band turns towards more cerebral styles like prog rock, it casts their message in a different light. I can't escape the feeling on Voice of Steel that the band is trying to justify their shitty opinions instead of just rejecting reason and letting raw emotions reign. Something about the remaster numbs that feeling a bit. Maybe it IS bad, and that's why I like it more. I can't say exactly, but I think I can appreciate this album now on a level I was not able to before. (Oh hey, what's up Smekermann?)
  • Hmm... I really disliked Voice of Steel. I can't listen to this band and pretend Knjaz isn't an asshole, but that used to be essential to the sound. Their music invoked this violent yet vibrant folk tradition that totally rejected modern society, even to the extent of failing to acknowledge things like, uh, genocide is bad... Terrible sound quality catered to a vibe of uncompromising raw passion over the slightest hint of reason, while the beautiful, frantic folk melodies buried beneath it offered a glimpse into the past as only a band this rabid could imagine it. I can listen to The Call of the Aryan Spirit and feel for a moment totally immersed in their fascinating if dangerous world view. The far less openly hateful Україна from Voice of Steel leaves me a little sick in my stomach. It could be like, the anthem for some right-wing symposium on the genetic superiority of Ukrainians.
  • Great band, Ukrainians should be proud!

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