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  • Perfect band. In love! hahahahaha Nodding Sky is a really good band!
  • ... and behold, here it is! You can listen and download it here, or stream it in higher quality here:
  • Nodding Sky is releasing new song "Late Revelation" soon. Here's a video of Ville recording vocals. ->
  • Nodding Sky live at Rockin' Hood, Salo 05.10.2012.
  • He also made a nice review on our EP:
  • Erich Spiewak from Sonic Escapes made an interview with us. Check it out here:
  • goooood)
  • Vote Nodding Sky to Nummirock 2012. It's all about votes so we need your help.
  • New interview with Nodding Sky @ Lunar Hypnosis:
  • Thank you!
  • I just wanted to let Nodding Sky know that they are now on the Metal Archives as of last week ;)
  • For the curious, here's a recent review I wrote for Nodding Sky's EP:
  • Nodding Sky is having an interview with Radio Sata tomorrow at 12.00 am. Sammy and O-P are talking about recently released EP "For Those Left Behind" and other stuff related to band. You can (maybe) listen to it here->
  • Mä voisin ostaa tuon EP:n. Laitan sähköpostin tulemaan.
  • Ok, that would be great, thank you! Then It's cd you shall have. Just send your contact info via email to this address: noddingsky[ä]gmail-dot-com. We'll reply with further details.
  • I think I'm going to grab your CD then.... I'd like to review it too.
  • Yes, those are certainly good ways to do it. Let me clarify that we are doing something about the matter, but it may take a little while. Meanwhile the situation is this, and the best audio quality you can get unless you purchase the cd. Not a bad option either. But let's not get stuck to that subject. I'm glad that our music is interesting enough to raise such questions in the first place ;)
  • Rip your own CD, choose the 320kbps MP3 format, set up a blog or a profile on a social media outlet to distribute the files? To me that sounds like the obvious thing to do, so I apologise in advance if you've already tried that, but for naught. Etc.
  • Thank you! Atm there aren't downloadable versions higher than 160 kbps (available for download here, link "Lataa Mp3" -> ) - - - In fact I thought they were better here, but apparently only streaming versions are at higher kbps. So if you want them in better quality, you may have to purchase the cd or wait a while until we find a way to publish them in better format.
  • Love, love, love your tunes, guys. I only have one problem - the free downloads are at a lousy 128kbps. Any where I can get 320kbps or better Lossless/FLAC? If not, I just may have to purchase the CD...
  • Most certainly we do! The price we bid is 5 euros each + postal fees. Just send your address to our mailbox (noddingsky-at-gmail-dot-com) and we'll send you a copy asap.
  • do you also send those to Germany?
  • Hello all! We just recieved our Promotional CD's steaming hot off the press. If you're interested in buying one, you can do so by sending your contact information via email: noddingsky[~replace~]gmail-dot-com . Tracklist: 1. For Those Left Behind, 2. Murheen saarnamies, 3. We Are Losing Her (Until All the Light Is Gone), 4. Murheen saarnamies (Acoustic reprise). Yes, all of them are published here too and are available for free download. Cd has however fine covers and better sound quality (mastered).
  • Defo liking what I'm hearing ^_^
  • Alright, here you go. We added here a song that we had just finished. It's an acoustic reprise of Murheen saarnamies and it is recorded and mixed at our rehearsal space by ourselves. So the sound is definitely not too polished, but not too crappy either. Hope you like it!
  • Last night was a good night: we had small but loud audience and had some really great time playing and watching others pulling off their gigs with a good drive. Thank you Funeral, Vyöry and all attendees!
  • Yes, Sammy speaks the truth. Feel free to tell if you're attending: and here:
  • Nodding Sky live at S-Osis, Turku friday 19.08.2011 with Vyöry & Funeral. Tickets only 5€, agelimit 18. Doors open at 21.00.
  • Check out "For Those Left Behind" promo music video->
  • Oh yes, last night at Rockin' Hood went well! More gigs are coming and we'll announce them as soon as they're confirmed.
  • Nodding Sky is playing live tonight at Rockin' Hood, Salo. It's the first gig for our new bass player Matti with us so let's put on some pressure for him and all of you out there join the metal party!
  • awesome news! can't wait to hear his input in your sound!
  • We are proud to present the new member of Nodding Sky: Bass player Matti Aikio. Matti has brought the band a boost as well as strong skills. He is also known as the bassist-singer of Silentium.
  • Reminds me of Shining and Ghost Brigade, what wonderfull music :)
  • Thanks!
  • Murheen Saarnamies is a sick song!!!!!!!! its IMO the best one you've guys made yet! I cant wait to listen to it after a few bong hits :D
  • Alright, here you go: 2nd track from the upcoming EP is ready and published. It's entitled as "Murheen saarnamies" (Eng.transl. "Preacher of Sorrow") and is sung in Finnish this time.
  • Nodding Sky and one of the founding members, bass player Jyrä Jyrinki have decided to part ways due to Jyrä's other intrests. We support him in his decision. Thanks Jyrä! Keep horsing around!
  • 'For Those Left Behind' is really good. I think that it's even better than 'We Are Losing Her' (especially the clean vocals). Waiting for your next releases. Keep up a good work! :)
  • Ok, point taken. Thank you for your feedback. About the spamming: is one of the better places to have some serious (read: more analytic) feedback, but unfortunately you can't have any without telling anyone that you're there and have some stuff to listen to. Before you have any listeners to pass on the word, I think it requires some advertising - or spamming, if you will.
  • "Don't get me wrong, you're quite good (i actually checked you out), it's just kinda annoying to see the same spam everywhere. I wish you guys good luck." I agree 100%. Not a bad band. Deserves to be known, really. But the spam... Could do without that. But at least they're not as bad as Enochian Theory -- those fuckers keep trying to befriend me so they can spam me in person and not just on every single band page out there. The next time I get an invite... Oh, I'm gonna rage. Not a bad band either, though, but all they seem to care about is the fame. I do not think they will ever get big.
  • Making of Nodding Sky EP "For Those Left Behind" now on video->
  • Nodding Sky website is now open. It's still under construction but check it out anyway and bookmark it for coming updates.
  • Don't get me wrong, you're quite good (i actually checked you out), it's just kinda annoying to see the same spam everywhere. I wish you guys good luck.
  • Okay, we heard you. You can stop spamming now.
  • Okay, guys. Almost 200 listeners and 701 plays. You can stop spamming now [1]
  • That went well! We'll announce more gigs when they're confirmed. Meanwhile we're working on the rest of the final mixes for our upcoming first EP. Almost there again...
  • Nodding Sky live today at S-Osis, Turku
  • Thanks for your advice but I think we still got some work to do. It's great to have 200 listeners but 1000 and more would be much better. I know it's annoying but it's the only way to do this. Sorry and thanks!
  • Okay, guys. Almost 200 listeners and 701 plays. You can stop spamming now and let fans do the job to get you the rest of your fame, whatever is left. With dignity.


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