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  • I recommend this 12-minute song he did on Milano, one of his rarer albums, to anyone reading this:
  • Please, support Tujiko Noriko if you can
  • New album (the first personal album in 11 years or so) released end of Feb 2014 :
  • <3 him :) scope quite cool! The child play, the aphex twin remix on the mixes for cash love it!
  • WTF? Next time before suggest change name take a deep breath and than take a look on the cover of his albums and ask yourself a simple question: What my eyes see? Is it 竹村延和 or maybe it is Nobukazu Takemura?
  • suggest name change/merge to 竹村延和
  • JAPAN 2012
  • <3 you
  • Agreed with squezey
  • This needs to be merged with the original Japanese text name. Anyways seriously awesome music, haven't listened to this guy's music in years. I must have just forgotten it.
  • music of the spheres thru liquid metal
  • On A Ballooooooon
  • Uploaded .png of the main picture. Thumb it up.
  • Icefall is pretty cool.
  • taw!
  • This guy truly is amazing.
  • Nobukazu Takemura Sign да, крутой! %)
  • icefall, inspiring, wonderful, thankyou
  • Oh!
  • Клип на композицию Sign, кто-нибудь смотрел? Музыка пропущена сквозь блендер ))) Зайцы-роботы, кишки, модные проблемы экологии, шестиглазые люди, стилистика ретрофутуризма, зеленая кровь, робомедведи, летающее мясо, строительство мегамегаполюсов, сексуальные развлечения богатых стариков, космические войны, супергерои с стильными протезами, попмодерн и прочие прелести сияющего футура )))
  • niesamowicie..
  • Subarashii desu !
  • Child's View was the first Nobukazu album I listened to, and it is still (by far) my favorite. I thought you guys would like to know that.
  • After emerging with this conclusion, Aphex started giving reach-arounds to spread the message.
  • After some serious soul searching, Aphex stayed a wanker.
  • Child and Magic is the best album. It reminds me of childhood afternoons spent playing Kirby Superstar with my best friend in his basement.
  • aphex is no longer a wanker
  • aphex is still a wanker
  • you can not hear most of NT best tracks on here and they have not been uploaded for streaming.... check out 10th
  • Aphex is a lot kewler than you wankface.
  • The poster below me is a poser ass dick.
  • aphex is a wanker
  • luv yR usic
  • He was working with Yo La Tengo, awesome
  • I love this man.
  • Agreed, Takemura's the man.
  • What is his latest work?
  • hehe, cool pic.
  • I love him...
  • Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin Remix) - come to daddy boy!
  • maestro
  • Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin Remix). Muy bien!
  • Greetings ! :)
  • I remember browsing nobukazu takemura's discography @, back in the day... My favourite composer by far :)
  • cute!!
  • wonderful.... eclectic
  • some tracks sounds like bruce haack
  • just discovered Nobukazu Takemura, good stuff! hope it isn't rude but i'd like to recommend this playlist from peripheral music as likely to be appreciated by Takemura's listeners:
  • Nobukazu doesn't even have 100K plays? Scandalous! If only it were possible to get Milano anywhere in the U.S... it's one of his very best.


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