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Nipsey Hussle (born 1985) is an African American rapper from South Central, L.A.

Nipsey Hussle AKA Mr. NH is an African American west coast rapper, currently signed to Epic Records. He is a part of The Slauson Boys featuring J. Stone, Robin Hood, Cobby Supreme, T. Draws and Goldie. He has also released his own solo mixtape album produced by DJ Felli Fel. Nipsey has had several collaborations with The Game, Yung Berg and Sean Kingston. His first major studio album, "Rich Rollin" is due out mid 2009.

He was born in raised in Los Angeles, and is a self-proclaimed member of the notorious Neighborhoods set, Rollin' 60's Crips. Off his first album, Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 1 the tracks "Six Owe" and "RSC For Life" reference his affiliation with the Crips. Epic Records in New York City caught the track, "They Roll" featuring The Game and produced by DJ Felli Fel who first played the track on the radio. After he and Felli brought a further 13 tracks to Epic he was signed to a deal. Nipsey works out of the recording studios at Epic in New York but regularly touches base in Los Angeles regularly.

The first two mixtapes of a four-part series, Bullets Aint Got No Name follow The Slauson Boys group album Slauson Boys Vol. 1 which featured some of the earliest recordings of Nipsey Hussle.

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