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  • outlaster is just straight up lovable
  • meu deus q pft
  • F*cking AWESOME! \m/
  • Damn this is good
  • Went to see her a couple of years ago. I'm sure she was drunk. She forgot her own lyrics a few times and only played for about an hour.
  • I am head over heels for Nina! I love everything she has created. She is definitely the most underrated artist ever. Love love love.
  • The wonderful movie Excision brought me here through introducing me to "counting up your bones", which i adore. Not that anybody cares.
  • Where could one acquire the Peel sessions she has done? There are several... can anyone help?
  • I would like to thank Steve Albini for raising my interest in Nina, she is fantastic
  • Nina recorded a live session and interview with Arctic Circle Radio on her recent trip to the UK - listen and free download via
  • She doesn't even like dogs.
  • Sounds like Annika Norlin..
  • This is a little too cute for me. Also, not seeing much content and her voice was played out two years ago.
  • "most underrated artist ever?" It's very likely.
  • wow I'm in love with her. I'm amazed I've yet to hear of her, and ashamed at everyone else.
  • most underrated artist ever?
  • <3 :)
  • christ, this shit is so gorgeous
  • God i love her.
  • Chamber full of heart and soul!
  • Outlaster was my #2 album of 2010, check out what I had to say about it over at my music blog
  • very like <3
  • She really likes dogs.
  • On tour with the awesome Sons of Noel and Adrian in the UK next week! Can't wait :)
  • "That's All There Is" is brilliant.
  • ARGHRARGH, cant find how old is she... anyone? :curious
  • soulful
  • I have yet to find a word for how amazing she is.
  • "Nina has yet to have a misstep." Seconded. I saw her live yesterday and it was the most perfect evening.
  • "ugly face" ♥
  • <3
  • How the hell did I not know she released a new album??? Must buy now!
  • The more I listen to Outlaster the more I think it is her best album yet
  • That's all there is ♥♥
  • Maravilhosa.
  • Sweet, that's better than googling around for the right blogs anyway.
  • Review of "Outlaster" here:
  • narakaloka: Some of the Peel Sessions were posted on a few different blogs, but Kennan Gudjonsson, her friend/bandmember asked for them to be taken down, as they're going to be officially released at some point.
  • Can't comprehend ppl below ranking Dogs last! I'd rank 1. Dogs 2. Outlaster. - I think this new one is her best since Dogs and my fave album of the year so far, love love love it. The rest are great too but idk how I would rank them.
  • WilWonka: where can I DL her Peel sessions? I can find one from 2004 but apparently she did 6 of them and I'd love to hear more. How is Outlaster not getting talked about more? It's my first time hearing her and it's absolutely fantastic.
  • Hello there. Thought you might be interested in this site that I've just built with a friend. It's called Tastebuds - Think of it as dating for the generation! You just put in your username and it will find you people who are into the same music as you in your area. Just trying to get it off the ground so it'd be great if you wanted to take part in the experiment! Peace, Julian ;)
  • I love her.
  • Some of her stuff reminds me of Tom Waits a little bit.
  • I love it all, but my favorite to listen to is the peel session stuff she did shortly after The Blackened Air came out. She's all drunk and sounds so sweet. It makes me smile
  • I'm only beginning to listen to her, I love her work so far, I think it's exactly the type of music I've been looking for.
  • I really miss Jim White's drums on Outlaster. Terrible cover artwork btw after the brilliant You Follow Me cover.
  • Chamber music with heart!
  • 1. You Follow Me 2. On Leaving 3. Outlaster 4. The Blackened Air 5. Run to Ruin 6. Dogs


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