• So I Subscribed

    12. Aug. 2005, 3:18 von cartbot

    Today I subscribed to for 6 months, and I'm hoping it was money well spent. I've noticed that there seems to be a lot more subscribers now than before the new site came up, probably because they're now asking for a clear amount of money. Prior to this I didn't want to try it because I was thinking that the expected amount would be about $10 a month. $3 a month isn't bad at all though.

    Of course, there are still quite a few problems I hope get fixed soon, such as random crashes of the Player, some weirdness with the "Discovery Mode", and, of course, time stamps in the forums.

    I do like new layout and especially the tags feature. I'm tagging most artists I listen to with multiple tags, starting with the main genre (such as "electronic" or "hip-hop") and moving down into more specific categories. I've tried making a tag based on the "Artificial Intelligence" series Warp put out quite a few years ago…