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  • There's a huge contrast between the sounds of In The Making.. and Shortcut To The Source, lol
  • <><
  • Good song <3
  • + Longshot +
  • Time ♥
  • I wonder what happened to them.
  • Topics ♥
  • Fuck man. I cried... R.I.P guys. I'm allergic to "The Real" because it's so sad to listen to when considering the fact that you have broken up.
  • "Christian rock" - Fuck off religious bastards, man this shit is too good for being religious, MUAHAHAHAHHA! PWNED CHRISITANS!
  • i listen to this other band with the same name. post-hardcore from magdeburg. they are awesome and i don't believe they are very fond of jesus christ.
  • we must see and believe in reality such a great artist (:
  • I am not religious in the slightest, but your music is beautiful.
  • with all of the words that you wanted to say, but you locked them away, inside. </3
  • Subarashii! :D
  • Cross My Heart, Longshot <3
  • Songs with lyrics about anything other than "the club" are automatically classed as emo. Welcome to 2010, feel free to join the queue to leave asap.
  • I love it <3.
  • I would suck cock for a similar track to The Real!
  • I would say they are more pop than rock
  • How disappointing! I thought this was Nevertheless, the 3-piece instrumental post hardcore band from Edmonton (which no doubt had the name long before this band).
  • nevertheless is amazing, too bad they broke up... btw you guys consider them pop or rock? i think its christian rock
  • Topics is a pretty good song. Kind of sad :/
  • Why they are tagged as emo? O_o wierd people.
  • Longshot <3
  • Why are all my favorite bands disbanding...
  • christlicher powerpop...zam glück hab ich meinen player nach einen liedl gleich wieder ausgmacht, irgendwie nicht so meine musik XD
  • It doesn't matter that they broke up, they started sucking after their first ep, right after they signed a deal with flicker and changed their sound to make it more marketable.
  • Really upset they broke up. And Topics really is amazing.
  • Totally agree with nerdproof...such a beautiful song :D
  • Topics is such an underrated song.
  • OmgThey are breaking up???? How do you know that???? Nevertheless the voice of the vocalist is totally awesomee..Their Lyrics are awesome too..they sound really great xD
  • They were amazing, so sad they're breaking up :(
  • topics <3 one of the sadest and tureset songs ever. but also one of the beautifulst
  • Really good ... one of my favorite bands of the genre! Sounds for relax me! : )
  • I Can't Help It is sweet... <3
  • their new album is so awesome :D
  • In or Out is amazing! Download it!!
  • Sweet one) pretty good) Favorite!
  • yeah great songs....great guitars i noticed....
  • The 2008 album is effin' awesome!
  • Topics <3
  • Love these guys they are the sheezy, GOOD LOOKING OUT GUYS!!
  • You Guys Are The Bomb, CROSS MY HEART!!!!
  • These guys are pretty good. Like Sleeping in pretty good.
  • i like 'longshot' It's cute. :)
  • luv 'cross my heart' this band doesn't have 2 be a's got huge heart and its charming :P
  • im not normally into christian rock bands but this one isn't bad.
  • ist echt hammer die band ... sie erinnert mich so sehr an secondhand serenade ... und ich vergöttere diesen sänger ... schade das sie so unbekannt sind *heul* rest ist der geilste song
  • I really like this guys. One of those bands that isn't really huge, but there's just something about them. I enjoy all of their songs :D
  • "I Found My Way Back Again" is where it's at.


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