• 10.09.11 - Neurosis, Grails, YOB and Akimbo

    12. Sep. 2011, 3:40 von SieluniSaatanan

    Sat 10 Sep – Neurosis, Grails, Yob, Akimbo

    Neurosis was absolutely entrancing (again). They ended their set with 'Through Silver In Blood', which devolved completely into S. K. and S. v. T. throwing and kicking their instruments, only before both men, along with J. R., furiously beat on their own individual sets of toms along to the jungle beat that runs throughout the song like a pulse. N. L. had also taken his keyboard and effects board off of their respective stands and ended the performance by beating on both instruments with his fists.

    This performance strongly contrasts with the last time I saw Neurosis play approx. four years ago, where the band ended their set with the song 'Burn' from 2004's The Eye of Every Storm. For the whole length of their set, the band remained rooted in their positions on stage, calculating and mechanical, bobbing and swaying together like marionettes. Although this performance was equally as intense as last night's, it was engaging for different reasons. …