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  • Great stuff, he needs to get the attention he deserves. [4]
  • Заслуживает внимания. Надо больше послушать.
  • Alessioooooooo
  • Замена Клейтону. Шикарен.
  • sounds good. i want more from the screams/high vocals though. bring back more of the grunge rage
  • Great stuff, he needs to get the attention he deserves. [3]
  • Местами очень даже хорошо!
  • неплохо так
  • @SynTecH-X,you - yes
  • gay
  • I want Helpless Japanese Version :D
  • 很不错的
  • Very Nice :]
  • Need some new shit from you. Been listening for the same tracks for almost 2 years now. Still addicted to them. Hope you go far kid. You deserve it.
  • Great artist! cool.
  • The re-recorded stuff sounds way better.
  • Wish i was half as talented as he is.
  • Trust - amazing track <3
  • Качает!
  • Hey nero argento! on your next album please include Ettore on every track!
  • nero argento <3
  • yeah, really great :)
  • Great stuff, he needs to get the attention he deserves.
  • Great music!
  • This stuff is great!
  • The remastered tracks + the new tracks literally blew me to shit! I have not enjoyed an album like this since Mind Tricks by Disarmonia Mundi.
  • Awesome! ^3^
  • Helpless!
  • Helpless!!
  • I might sound silly, but if Ettore Rigotti would be some kind of yoda, then Alessio should be the Luke Skywalker of music production. Pretty promising talent.
  • :P
  • Прикольные ребята.)
  • L'antidoto ====
  • How can he be Etorre's son when Etorre is in his early 30s and Nero is in his late 20s?
  • Awesome music!
  • Man you rock!!
  • Deserves more listeners
  • @Shudderbeast, you can get the album on the FiXT store for just $7 at the moment!
  • Helpless!
  • cool.however, the pity is i donno where to buy this album except itunes
  • Trust!
  • AMAZING!!!
  • He's awesome. [2]
  • He's awesome.
  • And from now on, Scrobble Alessio Nero Argento instead of Nero Argento. Update your f**ing ID3 tags. And buy the album! It's awesome
  • Album is available here:
  • Trust is good ^_^
  • sweet song ^_^ realy like it
  • He is Ettore's son. He works with him at his mixing and mastering studio in Italy.
  • This really Ettore's son? Or are you saying that cause he can play all instruments like Ettore can?


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