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    5. Mär. 2008, 15:21 von nephwrackband

    Album Reviews

    From Black Velvet magazine (Issue 53)

    With their first full-length release, Hampshire's reigning metal kings Nephwrack present their eclectic and progressive sound over ten refreshingly original tracks. Opener Legion sets the standard high, with its heavy rock stomp giving way to growled vocals and huge guitar solos. Second track Blacks the Sky keeps up the pace with its weighty guitars and melodic breakdown. The Once and Future King, it seems, has it all covered. Across the album, Nephwrack have managed to cram in just about everything, from the punchy political romp of Cold Skin, to the tender acoustic balladry in the opening minutes of Leviathan Rises.

    Nephwrack's songs are perfectly executed and produced, and as big-sounding and anthemic as anything produced in the US. However, they resist the urge to imitate the giants of US metal and, in doing so, produce an album which is eclectic, inspired and refreshingly and identifiably British.