• On the interstellar voyage of Era Extrana, Neon Indian's innovative spirits adds to…

    19. Sep. 2011, 0:02 von Groovemine

    Artist: Neon Indian
    Album: Era Extraña
    Label: Mom + Pop


    On Neon Indian’s newest effort, the role of noise-electronica, ironically, diminishes this album’s chillwave inherent impact. Though this album certainly has moments where chillwave looms over the horizon (“Heart: Decay,” “Fall Out”), Neon Indian has largely found a way to enhance the genre into something almost unidentifiable. For a band that’s rooted in the glo-fi scene, it’s obvious to tell that they aren’t hindered by the plague-heavy genre. Instead, Palomo and company take on an intergalactic aura that simply makes listening to this album seem like a journey. The spacey “Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow)” features more of those delicious 8-bit sounds and an all-consuming ending akin to a massive black hole of euphoria. The album closer — and the final part of the aforementioned three-part instrumental series — “Heart: Release,” is a cathartic buildup of mind-bending basslines and electronics that feels like disco tune made for Mars.