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Jermain Baxter (born December 5, 1972), better known as Nature, is an American rapper, best known for his association with fellow Queensbridge-born rapper Nas. Nature went to school with Nas, who first took notice of his talent for rhyming.

Nas introduced Nature to the public in 1997, as a member of his supergroup The Firm, whose members also included AZ and Foxy Brown. Nature was brought in to replace rapper Cormega, who had a contractual dispute with Nas' manager Steve Stoute. The Firm's first and only album, Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ, and Nature Present The Firm: The Album, was not as successful as planned, and the group disbanded shortly after its release. It did show Nature's incredible promise, and his style seemed to go well with Super-Producer Dr. Dre on the standout tracks "Firm Family" and "Five minutes to flush".

He also appeared on two other unreleased tracks when Nature joined Dre on Aftermath, entitled "Fist Full Of Dollars" featuring Dr. Dre and "4 In The Mornin'" featuring RC. Fist Full of Dollars is an original version of the song "Talking That Shit" from Nature's album "For All Seasons" and "4 In The Mornin'" was an original version of "Five Minutes To Flush".

In 2000, three years after stepping away from the Firm crew, Nature released his first solo album, For All Seasons, through Columbia Records, which was a moderate success in the underground hip-hop market and critically acclaimed. The album was not promoted because of Nature's Label, Trackmasters, a subsidiary label of Columbia, leaving the label and giving them the rights to the Nature's album in order to be released from its contract. Things continued to go bad for Nature, a diss from Nas on the song "Destroy and Rebuild" eventually led to a lyrical battle between the two.

In 2002 Nature released "Wild Gremlinz" after a falling out with Nas and his record label - Trackmasters/Columbia. It was released on Independent Sequence records.

He just released the album Pain Killer in 2008. Guest appearances are N.O.R.E., Prodigy, Kool G Rap, and others.


* For All Seasons (2000)
* Wild Gremlinz (2002)
* Pain Killer (November 18, 2008)

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