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  • Avatar für Schnedlit
    Natalie Merchant is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time!!!
  • Avatar für lesinlondon
    River is my fave, but, really so many wonderful songs sung by one of the great voices of my time. Big, big love!
  • Avatar für Kyle_James
    Just saw Natalie live for the first time last night and she was INCREDIBLE. Plus she sang River which is my favorite song of hers. Cannot wait for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Tigerlily that she mentioned is coming out in September!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar für perfektionismus
    Unique artist, unforgotten.
  • Avatar für tresfoufou
    Natalie Merchant is awesome...
  • Avatar für Jefersongeremia
  • Avatar für FCA19795
    Have not hear 'Carnival' in some time. Still a fantastic song.
  • Avatar für phillipefrosti
    Just Can't Last <3
  • Avatar für Dizza_Jjot
    Новый альбом просто шикарен!
  • Avatar für purplepeople13
    this is good. really good. thanks!
  • Avatar für konraaad
    for me this is perfection, I don't expect such a great come back after Leave Your Sleep.
  • Avatar für yourcrowbar
    I'm still undecided about the new album. I miss the adventurousness of Motherland. The arrangements seem too similar to each other... But I've only listened to it twice. Hopefully it'll grow on me.
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    another quallity release by natalie. ladybird, giving up everything, texas, its a coming stand outs for me.
  • Avatar für Kyle_James
    "Go Down Moses" is AMAZING!!!! Cherishing the new album. <3
  • Avatar für tehkeeks78
    My preorder arrived today. It's a lovely album.
  • Avatar für Bachelor_No2
    New album streaming here: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/arts/music/pressplay.html?_r=0
  • Avatar für Bachelor_No2
    New album is called 'Natalie Merchant' and is due 2014/6/02. http://www.nonesuch.com/albums/natalie-merchant
  • Avatar für j33433
    The concert last night was fantastic. http://www.nataliemerchant.com/calendar
  • Avatar für headey
    interesting interview here [url]www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03k3hdb[/url] & there might be a link to another in the same series.
  • Avatar für Bachelor_No2
    All the interviews she's given, and things she's said at recent concerts, indicate that the new album is in the final stages and will be out early 2014. As yet it has no title, but the confirmed songs are 'The End', 'Giving Up Everything', 'Lulu', 'Andalucia', 'Butterfly', 'Ladybird' and 'Texas'.
  • Avatar für Bastard1
    It's all San Andreas' fault
  • Avatar für kajo_93
    v she claimed she would release one this spring, but still no album and no new information
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    any sign of a new album.
  • Avatar für Mortum_est
    like it
  • Avatar für firefly2811
    great singer and songwriter
  • Avatar für Deardeadfriend
    "Saint Judas" and "Motherland" are fucking amazing songs.
  • Avatar für kajo_93
    Ophelia is great, Leave Your Sleep also pretty ok, but I can't get into the other albums
  • Avatar für Onlygleb
    Aileen Wuornos loved her Carnival... San Andreas Fault is fantastic for me!!! Wait New Album!
  • Avatar für Deardeadfriend
    I think "San Andreas Fault" will always have a place in the list of my all time favourite songs. I can't describe how sad the song makes me feel.
  • Avatar für Nessyliz
    I agree, very underrated. I think music that gets labelled adult contemporary just gets dismissed by a lot of people that would otherwise like it. Which has helped lead to the sorry state of radio today.
  • Avatar für amin_gorgani123
    I love song "Tell Yourself" from album "Motherland"
  • Avatar für Bachelor_No2
    New album of original material this Spring! Hurrah! http://www2.tbo.com/entertainment/breaking-news/2013/jan/17/natalie-merchant-to-perform-with-live-symphony-in-ar-609373/
  • Avatar für right33
    much too late in listening to her. wow, wow, wow
  • Avatar für Synanceiidae
    Sadly underrated D: D:
  • Avatar für SimoneBerlioz
    Natalie i will hug you <3
  • Avatar für Scentlesss
    have her records, she's very nice
  • Avatar für RonZol
  • Avatar für sk8boyfighter
    very good
  • Avatar für mehdi483
    My Skin <3
  • Avatar für Bachelor_No2
    @Furashubakku: Yes. Yes, she is.
  • Avatar für Furashubakku
    I like the Arabian reggae thing going on in This House is On Fire.
  • Avatar für Furashubakku
    She is interesting, I guess.
  • Avatar für BarneyJWY
    She's excellent! Thank you principle for forcing me to listen to her Ophelia album!
  • Avatar für konraaad
    artist with amazing soul, no need to explain.
  • Avatar für SimoneBerlioz
    artist like her really need a grammy <3
  • Avatar für emcxmc
    Happy Birthday, Natalie.
  • Avatar für ShySquirrel
    funtomas76 "Absolutely underrated musician!" [2] she really deserves more listeners
  • Avatar für cheergirl21
    My Skin <3
  • Avatar für funtomas76
    Absolutely underrated musician!


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