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Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal / Norwegen, 2006

Venomenon - Harsh Vocals (Graabein, The Deviant, Manifestation, Infernal Affinity, Sectumsempra)
Gustav Jørgen Pedersen - Clean Vocals (Morridan, Elvarhøi, Les Ténèbres)
Anette Gulbrandsen - Additional Vocals (Mandylion (Nor), Voluspaa)
Erlend Antonsen - Acoustic Guitar, Bass (Descantation, Quadrivium, Myrkgrav)
Nattsjel - Guitar (Endsum, Lethal Injection, Slavia, Inject…

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  • I just wondered whence did so strange a spelling came from. After all, most of us would be accustomed to write the name rather as Náttsól, i.e. with two acute accents. For anybody yet curious, Wikipedia comes with an explanation of this obvious mistake: "In Norwegian (both Bokmål and Nynorsk), the grave accent is used to separate words which would otherwise be identical, for instance og (and) and òg (too). Popular usage, possibly because Norwegian rarely uses diacritics, often leads to a grave accent being used in place of an acute accent." (cf. Grave accent, 1.4 Disambiguation).
  • Stemning is dainty! the same as the lyrics!!
  • All fans of great Norwegian rock and metal, please join :)
  • amazing band
  • Great band, I bought two of their vinyls so I could hang the poster :D
  • epic debute. Trve
  • jaja
  • Boring debute. Maybe, just maybe they'll get better in time, but Stemning is just meh.
  • Great but not amazing, it does it's job.
  • reviews "Stemning"

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